Marvel's New Captain America Actor Wanted Chris Evans' Suit For MCU Introduction

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Wyatt Russell as John Walker, Chris Evans as Captain America

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is currently taking the MCU by storm as evidenced by the solid online reactions from fans after every episode. The series is the second offering of Marvel Studios for its ambitious Phase 4 slate, placing the focus on the post-Blip status of Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes.

After it was revealed that the government named a new Captain America , the lives of the titular pair were met with a game-changing reveal at the end of the debut episode of the series. As a result, the pair reunited to finish a mission to defeat the Flag-Smashers, but the involvement of the new Star-Spangled hero made it complicated.

The government's replacement was John Walker . Played by Wyatt Russell, the second episode showed why he became the nation's first choice for the mantle, but it looks like not everything is what it seems for the new hero.

Now, an interesting tidbit has emerged about The Falcon and the Winter Soldier 's important new character.


Captain America Falcon and Winter Soldier

Wyatt Russell, who plays John Walker in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier , sat down as a guest for Jimmy Kimmel Live! to talk about the MCU series, and one of the topics that were discussed was Steve Rogers' original Captain America costume from the Infinity Saga.

As reported by The Hollywood Reporter , Russell revealed that he initially “requested” for Chris Evans' old suit so that he could feel like he was “doing a good job.” Despite that, Marvel Studios gave him a new one in the series:

“I requested Chris Evans' old suit, so I could feel like I was doing a good job since he did such a great job. And they gave me a new one.”

The actor then opened up on why the new suit was very uncomfortable to wear, admitting that “it's presentational in effect:”

“It's presentational in effect ... And I am kind of a slouchy guy, so it is like the first piece locks [straight up] and the second piece zips up and locks [in] like that. You're underneath the suit, but it looks cool.”

Russell then pointed out that he did not know much about the MCU when he was cast in the role, arriving with multiple questions on set, but his co-star Sebastian Stan told him to “stop asking questions” since he will only get “more confused:”

“So when I came on set, I was like, 'What does that mean? Who's that person? How do they fit in?' And finally, Sebastian [Stan] was like, 'Dude, stop asking questions. You're going to get more confused. If you get answers, it's going to be worse.'”


It's no secret that the MCU's new Captain America costume became a longstanding topic among fans when it was revealed in the first episode. In a way, this information should provide viewers more context about the behind-the-scenes story of the new suit.

If Russell used Steve Rogers' old suit, many would agree that it would be inappropriate, and it could even lead to fan outrage. While the government and majority of the U.S. citizens in the show appear to be on Walker's side, it was established that Sam and Bucky are not (alongside a good chunk of MCU fans).

Russell's comments about the uncomfortable nature of his new suit actually mirror the same sentiments of Chris Evans back when he was starting out as Captain America. In an interview with PopSugar in 2011, Evans admitted that “you start missing normal clothing” after three months of wearing the costume.

Meanwhile, Sebastian Stan's advice to Russell to stop asking questions about the MCU might be hilarious at first, but it makes sense in many ways. No doubt, new actors that will be on-board for the mega superhero franchise will be confused considering that the MCU has been around for years now.

By taking it one show at a time (literally), it will help a newcomer actor like Russell blend in and understand his own role even further.

All in all, John Walker appears poised to be a significant member of the MCU, and it will be interesting to find out how his story will evolve in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier .

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is now streaming on Disney+.

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March 19, 2021
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