Marvel Was Reportedly Trigged By Avengers Pay Scene In Falcon and Winter Soldier

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The Falcon and the Winter Soldier just started its journey, and it’s been met with praise from both critics and audiences. After the zaniness of WandaVision, Sam and Bucky’s quest to take down the Flag Smashers has brought fans back to reality, a really grounded one, at that.

The first two episodes have given a truly human experience. While the first installment had a unique and fun action sequence, the rest of the time was dedicated to Sam and Bucky’s personal life. All of the MCU action and superhero antics were put aside so that the audience could take a moment with these two characters. 

One of those moments that made waves across the internet was the bank scene, where Sam is trying to get approved for a loan. The problem? He has no income due to not existing for five years. 

So naturally, the question arose: just how do Avengers get paid? Now, a new interview has revealed Marvel Studios reaction to this scene...


Falcon and Winter Soldier Bank Scene

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, reported by ComicBook, the topic of that now-infamous bank scene came up. According to The Falcon and the Winter Soldier head writer Malcom Spellman, the script's mention of the Avengers' salaries turned all heads at Marvel Studios, with Spellman saying "everyone...wanted input:"

“It’s funny, because that scene, and that moment, ended up triggering everyone at Marvel. We were getting calls from Kevin, from Lou, Victoria, from Nate, like...everyone at Marvel wanted input there. And whatever there is about it, it has resonated with the people that have been interviewing with us, it resonated with everyone working there.”

The scene certainly caused a conversation for more than one reason. Spellman continued discussing the scene, mentioning how it reflected that "a superhero is truly a regular person:"

“ got to see a moment where a superhero is truly a regular person, and hopefully we answered the question to some degree...that it ain’t easy being [a superhero]. A lot of superheroes are broke, especially now that Tony Stark is gone.”


The question of how the Avengers get paid is a fun one and something that fans surely have wondered about throughout the years.  \While there are certainly many other consequences of Tony Stark's death, it would seem that any form of monetary compensation also went out the door. One would think that government-sanctioned work has some sort of salary.

It's important to note that the actual status of the Avengers as a group is unknown and is a topic that is cleverly evaded throughout the runtime of the first two installments of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. It is strange that the group hasn't been discussed at all, given Sam and Rhodey's former membership—not to mention the late leader in Steve Rogers. 

With Sam set to likely become Captain America by the end of the show's run, it would be hard not to at least mention The Avengers, though clearly not impossible. However, it wouldn't be surprising if the moniker doesn't come back up formerly until the rumored formation of the Young Avengers forces it back into the spotlight. 

The full interview from Entertainment Tonight can be seen below:


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March 19, 2021
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