Man of Steel 2: New Report Ignites DC Fan Uproar for Sequel Announcement

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Man of Steel launched the DC Extended Universe back in 2013, introducing Henry Cavill's Superman to general audiences. While the film received mixed reviews then, Cavill had a memorable performance as the titular hero that earned him a follow-up movie alongside Ben Affleck's Dark Knight in 2016's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Still, a proper sequel to Man of Steel has yet to be announced by Warner Bros., leading fans to speculate if the project will ever come to fruition. 

It also doesn't help that Cavill's future with the franchise is in jeopardy. A new report revealed that Warner Bros. initially wanted to replace the British actor as its Superman after the disappointing collapse of Justice League in 2017. This also comes after a series of reports about Cavill's uncertain DC future and the character appearing in faceless cameos in Shazam! and Peacemaker.  

Now, ahead of Cavill's reported appearance at this year's San Diego Comic-Con, fans have shared their exciting reactions to the news. 

DC Fans Hyping Up Man of Steel 2 

Man of Steel 2

Following the report of Henry Cavill's appearance at Warner Bros.' Hall H panel at this year's San Diego Comic-Con, DCEU fans and some members of the press have expressed hope that the studio will finally announce Man of Steel 2

The Direct's David Thompson admitted that he would lose his mind if Warner Bros. decided to surprise everyone with a sequel announcement during the event: 

"I'd lose my mind #ManOfSteel2" 

@UsUnitedJustice is hoping that Cavill would bring out the big guns by announcing the return of Zack Snyder as the director of Man of Steel 2:

"Imagine Henry Cavill walks onstage and he says 'MAN OF STEEL 2 DIRECTED BY ZACK SNYDER'"

@callouswayne couldn't wait for the sequel announcement, saying that it is "almost confirmed" at this point:

"Guys man of steel 2 almost confirmed, can't wait for it, Henry Cavill is back."

@nanaueishere is pitching a potential crossover announcement between Cavill's Superman and Sasha Calle's Supergirl: 

"When Henry Cavill makes an appearance at comic con with Sasha Calle to announce Man of Steel 2 wait"

@HylianBean97 also wants Zack Snyder back to helm the possible sequel: 

"MAN OF STEEL 2!! WITH ZACK SNYDER BACK PLEASE!! I remember he was in the Suicide Squad 2016 panel and shocked the cast. I miss those times!!"

On top of Man of Steel 2@HylianBean97 also wants to see David Ayer's cut of 2016's Suicide Squad to be announced during the event: 

"If Man of Steel 2 gets announced by Henry Cavill WITH Zack Snyder back AND David Ayer showing up to announce the Suicide Squad Ayer cut, I'll be extremely happy!!"

@someblackk1d is asking all the right questions: 

"I'm all for Henry being back, but are we getting Snyderverse Superman or Hamadaverse Superman? If Superman appears in Black Adam it will have to be the black suit. And if we do get Man of Steel 2 will it follow Snyder's story or will it be a reboot? #RestoreTheSnyderVerse"

@AndersonObasuyi has a bold prediction after Cavill's SDCC involvement: 

"As an mcu fan definitely if they announce man of steel 2 whether by Zack Snyder or another director In another universe as long as it's Henry's superman it might throw mcu out of the market"

It seems that David will not be alone in losing his mind, as @MyNamesCable would join him if Man of Steel 2 is announced: 


@_RDizzz is recruiting Mission Impossible: Fallout writer Christopher McQuarrie to write Man of Steel 2's script as soon as possible: 

"The guy deserves a sequel to Man of Steel, write McQuarrie a blank check. Him and Cavil will make magic again"

Comicbook's Brandon Davis is hopeful about Cavill's DCEU comeback: 

"Henry Cavill back as Superman, maybe? Hard to believe but… hope. Also, hope that it’s worthwhile, following the excellent Man of Steel."

Will Man of Steel 2 Actually Happen?

One thing is clear: a good portion of DCEU fans wants to see Man of Steel 2. However, the likelihood of the sequel being in development is unknown, especially after a previous rumor stated that there is no work being done on a Man of Steel 2 over at Warner Brothers.

Despite that, Cavill's impending return to Warner Bros. at Comic-Con after a rocky behind-the-scenes relationship could serve as the potential launchpad for talks of a sequel to Man of Steel being made. Given that Cavill already expressed his desire to be the franchise's Superman in the coming years, it seems that now is the right time to move forward with the continuation of the Man of Steel story. 

If Warner Bros. decided to surprise everyone with a Man of Steel 2 announcement, it remains to be seen how it will affect the current landscape of the DCEU.

Considering that Ezra Miller's The Flash is rumored to decanonize Zack Snyder's movies, this would indicate that a potential Man of Steel 2 would be a semi-reboot with a fresh take on Cavill's Superman alongside a host of new characters, such as Sasha Calle's Supergirl. On the flip side, Warner Bros. could make a bold move and announce Snyder's return to fully realize his vision for a Man of Steel follow-up, bringing in Brainiac as his preferred villain

Hopefully, all will be revealed at Warner Bros.' Hall H panel at SDCC Weekend. 

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