Full Cast of Maestro Movie: Every Main Actor & Character In 2023 Netflix Film (Photos)

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2023's Maestro tells the story of Leonard Bernstein and is anchored by a star-studded cast.

Maestro chronicles the relationship of Leonard Bernstein and his wife, Felicia Montealegre. Bradley Cooper serves as director, producer, and the actor behind Bernstein. 

The Netflix film is produced by the likes of Cooper, Martin Scorcese, and Steven Spielberg. Maestro had a limited theatrical release starting on Wednesday, November 22 before premiering on Netflix on Wednesday, December 20. 

Every Main Actor & Character in Netflix's Maestro

Carey Mulligan - Felicia Montealegre

Carey Mulligan as Felicia Montealegre
Carey Mulligan

Carey Mulligan is Felicia Montealegre Cohn Bernstein in Netflix's Maestro.

Before marrying Leonard Bernstein, Felicia was a famous Broadway actress. Felicia and Leonard had their fair share of ups and downs before eventually ending up together, with them raising three children. 

In an interview with Netflix, Mulligan expressed excitement about portraying the character in the 2023 biopic, noting that "it was so rich and there was so much breadth" in portraying Felicia: 

“It was just the most exciting part and felt akin to some of the roles that I've been privileged to play on stage, but had not found the equivalent of on-screen so much. It was so rich and there was so much breadth to her character and so much change in her life. I was just amazed that [Bradley] was asking me to do it.”

Academy Award nominee Carey Mulligan is best known for her impressive performances in An Education, Promising Young Woman, and Never Let Me Go

Bradley Cooper - Leonard Bernstein

Bradley Cooper as Leonard Bernstein
Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper leads the stellar cast of actors on Maestro as Leonard Bernstein. 

The biopic chronicles Bernstein's rise to the top, starting from his Carnegie Hall debut all the way to becoming one of the most iconic composers in America.

After making his directorial debut in A Star Is Born, Cooper, via Netflix, reflected on the comparisons between Maestro and the 2018 movie, telling the streamer that Leonard Bernstein's music became his "nuclear weapon" for the film: 

“In 'A Star Is Born,' the nuclear weapon was always Lady Gaga's voice. For 'Maestro,' I figured it was mine to mess up because I had a nuclear weapon and that's Leonard Bernstein's music. Just the breadth of it, how diverse it is, and how moving it is.”

MCU fans may recognize Cooper for his voice work as Rocket Raccoon in the Guardians of the Galaxy movies and Avengers films. The actor also appeared in the Hangover trilogy, American Sniper, and Silver Linings Playbook

Matt Bomer - David Oppenheim

Matt Bomer as David Oppenheim
Matt Bomer

David Oppenheim (played by Matt Bomer) was a clarinet player and classical musical producer who became one of Leonard's friends during the rise of their careers. 

Doom Patrol fans may recognize Bomer for his role as Larry Trainor (aka Negative Man) in the DC Series. Bomer also has credits in Flightplan, American Horror Story, and The Normal Heart.

Maya Hawke - Jamie Bernstein

Maya Hawke
Maya Hawke

Maya Hawke brings Jamie Bernstein to life in 2023's Maestro.

Jamie is Leonard and Felicia's eldest daughter. After learning about the rumors of her father's past relationships, Jamie felt that she needed to be apart from him since she didn't understand the bigger picture.

Perhaps Hawke's most famous role is portraying Robin Buckley in Stranger Things. The actress, who is Uma Thurman's daughter in real life, is also known for her roles in Do Revenge and Asteroid City.

Sarah Silverman - Shirley Bernstein

Sarah Silverman as Shirley Bernstein
Sarah Silverman

Shirley Bernstein is Leonard's sister who has been with her brother for all the ups and downs of his life. The character is played by Emmy winner Sarah Silverman. 

Silverman is best known for her lead role in The Sarah Silverman Program. The comedian also served as the voice of Vanellope in Wreck it Ralph and Ralph Breaks the Internet.

Josh Hamilton - John Gruen

Josh Hamilton
Josh Hamilton

Josh Hamilton's John Gruen is an art critic, historian, author, photographer, and Bernstein's fellow composer. 

Gruen captured stunning photos of Bernstein and even wrote a book about him entitled The Private World of Leonard Bernstein back in 1968.

Hamilton previously appeared in Eighth Grade, Dark Skies, and Alive.

Gideon Glick - Tommy Cothran

Gideon Glick
Gideon Glick

Gideon Glick plays Tommy Cothran, a character whom Leonard took in as a young protege. 

It was revealed in the movie that Cothran and Bernstein had a surprising secret that broke the heart of the latter's wife, Felicia Montealegre.

Glick has over 20 acting credits to his name, with appearances in White Noise, Marriage Story, and Ocean's Eight.

Sam Nivola - Alexander Bernstein

Sam Nivola
Sam Nivola

Alexander Bernstein is Leonard's son (middle child), and he is played on-screen by Sam Nivola.

In the present day, Alex serves as the president of Artful Learning, Inc. and Vice President and Treasurer of The Leonard Bernstein Office, Inc.

Nivola is known for his roles in White Noise, Eileen, and With/In.

Miriam Shor - Cynthia O’Neal

Miriam Shor
Miriam Shor

Miriam Shor portrays Cynthia O'Neal, a model and friend of Leonard and Felicia Bernstein. 

Speaking with Variety during the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 premiere in April 2023, Shor teased what to expect with her character and her experience working with Bradley Cooper: 

“I play Cynthia O’Neal, who was a very good friend of the Bernsteins, particularly his wife, Felicia. I mean, that was unbelievable. Because an actor who also directs, to get to work with Bradley… he’s a savant. It’s miraculous. So that was really special, I was really grateful.”

Shor is best known for her role as Diana Trout in Younger. The actress also appeared in The Midnight Sky, The Americans, and Royal Pains.

Alexa Swinton - Nina Bernstein

Alexa Swinton
Alexa Swinton

Nina Bernstein (played by Alexa Swinton) is Leonard and Felicia's youngest daughter. 

And Just Like That... fans may recognize Swinton for her role as Rose Goldenblatt. The actress also has credits in Old and Billions.

Michael Urie - Jerome Robbins

Michael Urie
Michael Urie 

Michael Urie's Jerome Robbins is a longtime friend of Leonard Bernstein. 

Robbins was one of the first few who believed in Bernstein since he hired him to create the score for his own ballet named Fancy Free.

Urie's most famous role is portraying Marc St. James in Ugly Betty. The actor also starred in Shrinking and Younger.

Brian Klugman - Aaron Copland

Brian Klugman
Brian Klugman

Brian Klugman plays Aaron Copland, the dean of American composers who secretly had an intimate bond with Leonard Bernstein.

Klugman is known for his roles in The Words, Cloverfield, and TRON: Legacy.

June Gable - Old Lady

June Gable
June Gable

June Gable plays an unnamed old lady in Maestro.

Friends fans may know Gable for her role as Estelle Leonard. The actress also appeared in Dream On, Legends of the Superheroes, and The Week Of.

Scott Ellis

Scott Ellis is part of Maestro's remarkable cast. 

While details about his role are still being kept under wraps, Bradley Cooper spoke with The Hollywood Reporter to tease that Ellis is "perfect for [his] role" in the film: 

"He’s perfect for this role. I asked him to do it and he said yes. I’m so excited.”

Ellis appeared in EastEnders and Law & Order: UK.

Maestro is now streaming on Netflix.

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