Loki Episode 3 Reveals Stronger Version of His Thor: The Dark World Superpower

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Loki Thor The Dark World Telekinesis

Episode 3 of Marvel's Loki on Disney+ was somewhat of a departure from what audiences have seen of the series so far. But since it's a show about the God of Mischief, is that really a shock to anyone?

Titled "Lamentis," Loki and the self-proclaimed Sylvie are stranded on Lamentis-1 — a planet on verge of obliteration in the year 2077. As the duo set off to recharge the TemPad, and later are forced to attempt an escape off the planet via the Ark, audiences learn more about the TVA, a little about the mysterious Sylvie, and even more about Loki himself. 

In addition to Loki's memories of his mother Frigga and his penchant for rousing Asgardian drinking songs, the God of Mischief revealed ability fans haven't seen him utilize since 2013.


In the epic, one-shot scene of Loki and Sylvie rushing through a collapsing Lamentis metropolis, Loki uses what appears to be telekinesis to stop a falling building and reverse its trajectory. 

Loki Superpower Show

It's not a power that fans usually see from the God of Mischief as illusions and shape-shifting appear to be his methods of choice. However, Loki has exhibited this particular ability before in both Thor and Thor: The Dark World.

In 2013's Thor: The Dark World, Loki strikes a similar posture and appears to use telekinesis to upset the objects in his Asgardian cell upon learning of the death of his mother.

Loki Thor The Dark World Levitation Telekinesis
Thor: The Dark World

But before that, he appears to use the same ability in 2011's Thor to amplify the force of his daggers when fighting the Frost Giants on Jotunheim. 

Loki Frost Giant Thor Movie Battle

In addition to telekinesis, Marvel Studios states that the MCU version of Loki is also capable of astral projection, shape-shifting, hypnosis, molecular rearrangement, energy blasts, levitating, conjuration, cryokinesis, and teleportation.

But that's not all! He also has the ability to create rifts between dimensions, telepathically connect to others to access their memories, and even mystically imbue objects.  


Even though it's been eight years since fans have seen Loki utilize telekinesis, technically the Variant Loki who audiences are watching in the Loki Disney+ series never used that power in Thor: The Dark World.

This is because he used the Tesseract to escape the Avengers' custody during the Avengers: Endgame time heist of 2012's The Avengers and before the events of the Thor sequel. 

But perhaps the question is why Loki doesn't rely on that particular power more? Maybe it's because his illusions and shape-shifting are a reflection of how he defends himself emotionally? He basically admitted as much to Mobius in the series' first episode.

But perhaps now that he's a slightly better version of himself, maybe audiences will see him tap into this impressively lengthy list of powers in future episodes of the series? 

And perhaps fans will learn if Sylvie, despite her efforts to distance herself from the Loki moniker, has the same ability considering she can already access the memories of others.

Episode 3 of Loki is now available to stream on Disney+.

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