Loki Director Reveals Deleted Scene Featuring Sylvie's 'Massive' Rampage

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Marvel Studios' newest Disney+ series, Loki, ended its record-breaking six-episode run with some sinister reveals and a cliffhanger ending that will have long-lasting consequences on the entire future of the MCU.

While it's exciting to speculate what the second season of Loki has in store for the God of Mischief and company, the show's creative team has been busy keeping fans' interest by revealing fun deleted concepts from the debut season. Scrapped ideas have included an early concept for episode one which would have Loki assemble all six Infinity Stones and even a cameo from a Variant of Rocket Racoon.

One particular moment that left some fans wondering whether the series had omitted some key details from the final cut came in the second episode's ending.

The Loki Variant, revealed to be Sylvie, had just bombed the Sacred Timeline. After the TVA rushed in to fix the damage, the plot point was never heard from again. Now, the show's director has revealed the full scope of where this moment was supposed to lead.


Sylvie Rampage

Loki's director Kate Herron recently sat down with the Phase Zero podcast to speak further on the second episode's 'time bomb.'

When asked if this was ever supposed to become something bigger within the show, Herron replied by highlighting the importance of "seeing people's thoughts on feelings" on her work, while also stating that she did not remember the timeline bombing ever becoming an important part of the series:

"One thing I'd say is always critique. I think it's kind of fun. I like seeing people's thoughts and feelings on it. I'm just trying to think now... I don't think so. I think it was always that she bombed it, and it ended in a big way."

Herron went on to reveal Loki writer Elissa Karasik's script initially had a longer sequence for Sylvie once she made it into the Time Variance Authority before Loki takes her to Lamentis. This would've included a "massive" moment for her that they referred to as "'The Rampage,'":

"What we used to have actually was, so in Elissa's script... basically it carried on. So, she went into the TVA, and there was -- We called it 'The Rampage.' And originally, I think in the script, that was massive. It was like her going through the TVA and taking everyone out."

The director then brings it back to the timeline bombing, saying that the TVA fixing Sylvie's attack on the Sacred Timeline was "always something that happened off-screen,":

"I don't know if we ever saw them clean it up though necessarily. I think it was always something that happened off-screen. I think it was more just like, the difference we did was we ended it with [Loki] going through the door in Episode 2 which we found in the edit... I think it was always off-screen now that I think about it. Because it was always, you saw her do her rampage kind of through the TVA, and we're with Loki's POV, right? And then they end up on Lamentis. So it's kind of like, the TVA have been doing that while they've been on Lamentis."

Herron then ended her answer by stating that the interest in this event from fans could be a good thing and that there may be "something more to be explored there."


Being a series so immersed in complex sci-fi concepts like time travel, multiple realities, and the greater purpose of the universe, it's no surprise that some sequences had to be tossed aside in order to make the Sacred Timeline of the show flow so perfectly.

While it would have been exciting to see Sylvie enact a few gruesome attacks against the force that she's been working so hard to destroy, the creative team instead allowed Sylvie's frustration to further build from this moment, culminating in the finale where she kills the man behind it all, He Who Remains, and frees the Multiverse. Speaking of that Variant of Kang, he himself had some scenes that made the cutting room floor.

Though bombing the Sacred Timeline could have been a plot point that was explored further, it seems Herron's priority was focused more on driving the characters forward and fleshing out their motivations.

All episodes of from season one of Loki are streaming now, exclusively on Disney+.

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