Loki: Sylvie Actress Reveals How Episode 4 Starts

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Time may move differently in the TVA, but for Marvel fans, the weeks between Loki episodes on Disney+ have felt like an eternity.

While the first two episodes introduced audiences to Owen Wilson's MobiusSylvie (Lady Loki? Enchantress?), and the TVA Time Variance Authority and its questionable lore, Episode 3 titled "Lamentis" focused on Loki and Sylvie struggling to escape annihilation on a doomed planet in the year 2070.

When the two are finally within reach of the ark — their means of escape — it's destroyed by an asteroid, leaving them stranded and seemingly without hope.

But, since this is a series about Loki, after all, not everything is what it seems, and there's more for fans to discover about the mysterious, albeit defeated, Sylvie come Episode 4. 


Sylvie Loki Faces

Starting with who Sylvie really is, actress Sophia Di Martino who plays the secretive character in Loki told TVLine that Sylvie has "reinvented herself in some aspects," but at the start of Episode 4, "she's just had enough" and thinks "this is [the end]:"

“She’s just had enough. She’s spent. They really thought they were going to be able to get off Lamentis on that ark, and the TemPad’s broken. And now she’s like, 'This is [the end]. Maybe this is it.’ That’s where we start Episode 4.”

Loki audiences know the TVA considers Sylvie a seemingly superior Variant of the God of Mischief who they can't catch. But, when Loki confronts her at the end of Episode 2, she adamantly rejects the Loki moniker. 

Episode 3 then revealed that Sylvie's past and her powers differ from Loki's, leading fans to speculate whether the character is a hybrid of both the Enchantress and Lady Loki. If not, then who is she? 

According to Di Martino, more information about her character's past is on the way alluding to how Sylvie has "reinvented herself in some respects, for some reason:"

“We know Sylvie goes by a different name now, and she’s reinvented herself in some respects, for some reason,” Di Martino hints. “She’s left that behind. She’s someone else now. It really gets under her skin when [Loki] tries to call her Loki, and we’ll probably learn more about that as the series goes on.”


Since Loki is a series about the God of Mischief, it's hard to know what to believe. 

Many fans questioned whether the events of "Lamentis" were real or actually an illusion by one of the Loki Variants. Due to Di Martino's claims about her character's mental state at the start of Episode 4, however, if the attempted escape from the doomed planet was a trick, it doesn't appear to be hers. 

This state of hopelessness could prove to be Sylvie's breaking point, though. She might finally let her guard down and reveal clues to both Loki and the audience as to who exactly she is and when and why she "reinvented herself."

But, again, Sylvie's story is just one of the many questions that fans are awaiting answers to. And, with only three episodes remaining in the series, perhaps Miss Minutes said it best"let's not waste another minute."

New episodes of Marvel's Loki stream every Wednesday on Disney+.

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