Loki Season 2 Just Admitted Sylvie's Romance With Loki Is 'Weird'

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The latest episode of Loki Season 2 drew attention to its "weird" romance.

While Loki Season 1 was regarded as one of the MCU's best series, the show struck up some controversy for its romance between Tom Hiddleston's Loki and his female Variant, Sophia Di Martino's Sylvie.

Some came to dub the romance as "selfcest," but the Loki team already admitted the backlash was expected ahead of release.

Loki Season 2 Points Out 'Weird' Romance

Warning - The rest of this article contains minor spoilers for Loki.

As Rafael Casal's Brad, aka Hunter X-5, watched Loki and Sylvie reunite from a McDonald's table where he was seated with Mobius, the rogue TVA agent pointed out the absurdity of their "weird" romance.

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Brad stared at their interaction with confusion and disgust as he questioned, "What is happening right now?:"

"What is happening right now? It's like they're going over every detail of their relationship that's ever happened."

Mobius called their relationship "complicated" and noted how they are both "basically in a relationship with [themself]:"

"Look, It's a complicated relationship. There's a lot to unpack when you're basically in a relationship with yourself. They say opposites attract. No."

Casal's Hunter continued to question the strange romance before exclaiming how "it's weird:"

"What is this? God, it's weird."

After a season full of flirty and obvious romantic tension, the relationship between Loki and Sylvie reached its climax with the Season 1 finale as the pair shared a passionate kiss at the end of time before the death of He Who Remains.

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Now, their reunion at the '80s McDonald's marks the first interaction between the Lokis since their kiss, although some time has passed for both.

Where Loki & Sylvie's MCU Romance Is Going

Sophia Di Martino was clear the backlash to her Loki romance was "expected it to be pretty split," and now, with Brad's self-aware comments, it appears it may almost be intentional and adding to the God of Mischief's whacky nature.

Exactly how the relationship will develop across Season 2 and the future of the MCU is unclear. Following their reunion in Episode 2, Loki and Sylvie will undoubtedly grow closer over the coming episodes. 

One has to wonder whether Loki will be able to change the minds of those who consider the Variant relationship to be strange, including Brad. 

Those shipping "Sylki" will certainly be eager to see the pair receive the happy ending Loki has been waiting for over his 12-year tenure. But based on Loki's tragic MCU history, imagining such a cheerful ending for the TVA gang is tough.

It wouldn't be shocking to see both characters return in the fight against Kang in the next Avengers blockbusters. Perhaps one of them could even be an early casualty in the Multiversal war, akin to Infinity War's Loki and Heimdall.

The first two episodes of Loki Season 2 are streaming now on Disney+.

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