Loki Boss Issues Warning About MCU's Future After Season 2's Massive Twist

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One of Marvel Studios' executives just teased how the future of the MCU will evolve and change after the massive twist seen in Loki Season 2 on Disney+.

With only two episodes remaining in Loki Season 2, Tom Hiddleston's Disney+ series is in the midst of some wild storylines in and out of the TVA that could have an effect on the entire franchise moving forward into Phase 5 and beyond.

Warning - the rest of this article contains major spoilers for Season 2, Episode 4 of Loki.

Arguably the biggest plot twist just came in Episode 4 with the Temporal Loom exploding as the screen turned to black, killing off Jonathan Majors' Kang the Conqueror Variant, Victor Timely, as fans wonder what happened to the show's characters.

The MCU's Future After Loki Season 2 Twist

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Speaking with The Wrap, Loki Season 2 executive producer Kevin Wright offered an ominous warning about the MCU's future following Episode 4's major twist - "war is coming."

Following Victor Timely's death via spaghettification, Wright teased the fact that Miss Minutes and Ravonna Renslayer are still "a big problem," asking if those two "know what needs to be done" in order to get the TVA back on the right path:

"Look with what happens at the end of [Episode 4], we don’t know where anybody is, or where they’re going, or if they’re alive. I think the thing that I would say is, if we were able to get back to that TVA, do Renslayer and Miss Minutes know what needs to be done to get time and reality back on track? Is Victor a key element to that? I mean, obviously they felt like he was for the TVA."

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Without Timely in the picture, Wright made it clear that his "warning still holds true: war is coming" and commented on Loki seeing the TVA as "the only thing that... stood between that war and reality crumbling:"

"I would suggest that maybe reality is in even graver danger now. Because even without Victor Timely, the warning still holds true: war is coming. The TVA, in Loki’s opinion, was the only thing that maybe stood between that war and reality crumbling. If somehow they are able to get reality back after episode four, I would say they still have a very serious problem to deal with. And they maybe have just lost a very valuable tool in Victor Timely, who was essential to getting that mission on track."

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In fact, this Multiversal war was going to be explored more prominently in Loki Season 2, explaining that it "felt completely wrong" to go down that path without earning it yet:

"In one version, we go full-on Multiversal War, but even as we were saying that, it felt completely wrong, jumping to something we haven’t earned yet."

What's in Store for the MCU's Future?

Loki Season 2, Episode 4 certainly didn't pull any punches as fans learned about everything Loki and his team did to try to prevent the timeline from crashing - even including the reveal that Loki pruned himself in Episode 1.

But while it's still unclear what's going to happen to the God of Mischief and the TVA's diligent workers in the last two episodes, all roads now lead to the massive Multiversal War centered around Kang as the Multiverse Saga expands further.

The Multiverse is confirmed to be expanded upon further in 2024's Deadpool 3, with other universes confirmed to be a big part of the story as the MCU's core universe plays host to Deadpool, Wolverine, and other major characters.

And with the Multiverse Saga ending with Avengers: Secret Wars, a major event from Marvel Comics that sees two different universes colliding and engaging in war, everything happening in Loki Season 2 seems to be only the start of bigger things to come.

The first four episodes of Loki Season 2 are now streaming on Disney+.

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