New Loki Season 2 Clip References Daniel Craig's Scrapped MCU Hero

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An official new Loki Season 2 clip from Episode 3 had an interesting connection to Daniel Craig's deleted MCU superhero role in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Craig almost appeared as Balder the Brave as a member of the Illuminati in Doctor Strange 2. In December 2022, official concept art from the sequel then showcased the first look at the James Bond actor's scrapped MCU character.

Daniel Craig as Balder the Brave

While Daniel Craig has been tight-lipped about his deleted Doctor Strange 2 role as Balder the Brave, Scarlet Witch actress Elizabeth Olsen eventually confirmed in an interview in May 2023 that the Knives Out alum was intended to play the Asgardian hero

Loki Season 2 Clip Namedrops Thor's Forgotten Brother 

Rotten Tomatoes officially released a new clip from Loki Season 2 Episode 3, showing a conversation between Tom Hiddleston's Loki and Owen Wilson's Mobius that references Balder the Brave, Daniel Craig's planned Marvel character. 

Tom Hiddleston as Loki, Owen Wilson as Mobius, Loki Season 2
Marvel Studios

In the 53-second clip, Loki and Mobius observe a Norse exhibit that features Odin, Thor, and Balder. 

Loki criticized the said exhibit by telling Mobius, "It's completely inaccurate," noting that one "can't reduce an entire culture down to a simple diorama."

Tom Hiddleson's Loki and Owen Wilson's Mobius looking at the Norse exhibit
Marvel Studios

Mobius asked if somebody is feeling left out that they're not up in the exhibit to which Loki responded by pointing out why it included Balder the Brave, saying that "no one's even heard of him."

Balder the Brave
Marvel Studios

In Marvel Comics and Norse mythology, Balder the Brave is Thor and Loki's half-brother who was given the gift of invulnerability by Frigga after Odin learned that his death would trigger the coming of Ragnarok. 

Similar to Thor, Balder possesses the same superhuman abilities that are common among Asgardians, such as superhuman strength and durability. The character wields a sword as his main weapon. 

Watch the clip below: 

Will Balder the Brave Appear in Future MCU Projects?

Loki's direct reference to Balder the Brave isn't surprising due to his connection to the Odinson family tree. There's a chance that this Easter egg could become something more, especially now that the MCU is expanding more into the Multiverse. 

At this stage, though, it remains to be seen how Balder the Brave would be incorporated into the main MCU.

It's possible that the character could appear in potential future seasons of Loki instead of being featured alongside Chris Hemsworth's Thor since he is busy off-world with his adopted daughter, Love.

Loki's insult toward Balder the Brave could stem from something deeper, and it could potentially set up a future clash/reunion between the two brothers down the line. 

Whether or not Daniel Craig will end up portraying the Marvel character remains to be seen though. Hopefully, when the time comes that Balder will make a proper MCU introduction, the actor will be allowed to play the Asgardian hero. 

Loki Season 2 is available to stream on Disney+.

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