Loki Season 1 Already Spoiled How to Kill MCU’s Council of Kangs (Theory)

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Despite only having just been revealed, it seems as though, Loki Season 1 may have already spoiled how to take down the MCU's Council of Kangs

The conglomerate of conquerors made its debut in the post-credits stinger of Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania, showing off hundreds of Variants of Jonathan Majors' new Multiversal villain. 

After getting a crash course on Kang in Loki Season 1 and again in Ant-Man 3, audiences are about to have a whole lot more of Marvel Studio's first major "Multiversal threat."

And with seemingly countless versions of Major's MCU big bad, the Avengers are going to have their hands full with the Kang over the remainder of the Multiverse Saga

The Key to Take Down Kang

Alioth 1
Marvel Studios

Some have speculated that Alioth from Loki Season 1 will be key in taking down the Council of Kangs in the MCU. 

Alioth is the living tempest that consumes everything sent to the Void, seen in the latter half of Loki's first season, being shown as an ominous glowing beast-shaped cloud. 

In the comics, the mysterious being absorbs and kills the Council of Kangs, something that is eventually found to be a plan by a Kang Variant to take down the council. 

This could be easily adapted for the screen in the MCU, tying directly back into Loki

Since He Who Remains would have presumably had to take down the Council of Kangs himself to create the Sacred Timeline seen shattering in Loki, Alioth could have already been used in this way, being used again in either Avengers: The Kang Dynasty or Secret Wars

The Comic History of Alioth and Kang

In the Terminatrix Objective comic storyline from 1993, Alioth is the first being to free itself from the overbearing timestream. It grows in power, ruling over all time, from the Mutliverse's beginnings all the way to its end. 

However, it is blocked from entering Kang's realm, and his Multiversal city Chronopolis. 

Alioth Comics 1
Marvel Comics

At one point, Kang is rendered comatose, allowing Terminatrix (Ravonna Renslayer) to seize this opportunity and take over his expansive empire. This gives her the chance to explore the far reaches of Kang's domain, coming across the barrier that has kept Alioth at bay. 

She blasts the temporal barrier hoping to see what it is hiding, seemingly releasing Alioth and causing the specter to launch a full-fledged assault on Chronopolis. 

Alioth Comics 2
Marvel Comis

This barrage from Alioth causes Terminatrix to revive Kang; however, it is too late, as Alioth has consumed the Council of Cross-Time Kangs

Terminatrix and Kang narrowly escape, enlisting the help of the Avengers to take down Alioth. Earth's Mightiest Heroes enter the mysterious being, activating Kang’s Chrono Key, which turns into the warrior hero Tempus. 

Alioth Comics 3
Marvel Comics

Tempus absorbs Alioth's power, growing in size, eventually reaching reality-spanning proportions and reestablishing the barrier between Alioth's realm and Chronopolis. 

Alioth is held here going forward; however, it is eventually revealed that this was a part of Kang's plan all along.

Alioth Comics 4
Marvel Comics

After allowing Alioth to take down the Council of Kangs, thus weakening Tempus slightly, Kang lets the living storm invade the Time Variance Authority, sending the mysterious organization into turmoil. 

How the MCU will Kill Kang

Alioth 2
Marvel Studios

After having seen just how powerful Kang the Conqueror is in Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania, many are wondering how exactly the heroes of the MCU could even start to think about taking down not just one of Jonathan Majors' big bad, but potentially infinite Variants of him

But it seems as though this comic connection between Kang/the Council of Kangs and Alioth is a natural fit for what could eventually hit the screen. 

There doesn't even look to be too much to change here, the pieces fit pretty naturally from where the MCU finds itself.

What could be even more menacing though is if Marvel Studios wants to toy with audiences who think this exact storyline is coming. Perhaps in Avengers: The Kang Dynasty, the heroes employ this solution, getting help from Tom Hiddleston's Loki, only to find out that this was Kang's plan all along. Now, they have given him what he wanted and potentially doomed the Multiverse. 

With a number of young heroes seemingly being set up as the new leads of the Avengers team, playing into the hands of the villain could make sense as the team's relative inexperience comes to bear. 

Instead of leaving this revelation as a cliffhanger in Avengers 5 (similar to the dour ending of Infinity War), perhaps this big twist is how Avengers: Secret Wars starts, throwing a wrench into the Multiverse these young heroes thought they had saved. 

Whether it happens or not, if Marvel Studios wanted to use Alioth again, this time to take down the Council of Kangs, they have all the cards in hand, ready to play. 

Kang the Conqueror can be seen in theaters now in Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania

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