Leo Netflix 2023 Movie Cast, Characters, and Voice Actors (Photos)

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Leo, Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler's latest animated movie, Leo, features a remarkable voice cast that includes the likes of Bill Burr and Cecily Strong.

Directed by Robert Marianetti, Robert Smigel, and David Wachtenheim, Leo revolves around the story of the titular lizard as he guides several students during their final year in elementary school. 

Leo is written by Sandler, Smigel, and Paul Sado, and it made its debut on Netflix on November 21.

Every Main Actor & Character in Netflix's Leo Movie

Leo has a star-studded cast. Here's every actor who lends their voice to the characters, with details about their roles and filmography up through 2023 below:

  • Adam Sandler - Leo
  • Bill Burr - Squirtle
  • Cecily Strong - Mrs. Malkin
  • Jason Alexander - Jayda’s Dad
  • Rob Schneider - Principal
  • Sadie Sandler - Jayda
  • Sunny Sandler - Summer
  • Jackie Sandler - Jayda’s Mom
  • Roey Smigel - Eli
  • Heidi Gardner - Eli’s Mom
  • Paul Brittain - Eli’s Dad
  • Nick Swardson - Bunny
  • Kevin James - Ace
  • Ethan Smigel - Anthony
  • Nicholas Turturro - Anthony’s Dad
  • Robert Smigel - Miniature Horse
  • Jo Koy - Coach Komura
  • TienYa Safko - Skyler
  • Stephanie Hsu - Skyler’s Mom
  • Gloria Manning - Logan
  • Allison Strong - Mrs. Salinas
  • Reese Lores - Mia

Adam Sandler - Leo

Adam Sandler, Leo
Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler brings the titular lizard to life in Leo

Leo is a 74-year-old iguana who serves as the class pet of Fort Myers Elementary's fifth-grade class. The lizard experiences anxiety and an identity crisis when he learns that he might be approaching the end of his life. 

As a result, Leo seeks to escape his terrarium to experience what the outside world is like. Eventually, though, he soon finds out that helping the students with their problems is his ultimate purpose.

Sandler is a veteran actor who made a name for himself after starring in several iconic movies like 50 First Dates, Click, Big Daddy, The Wedding Singer, and Uncut Gems.

Bill Burr - Squirtle

Bill Burr, Squirtle
Bill Burr

Bill Burr lends his voice to Squirtle, Leo's best friend and the class' pet turtle.

Throughout Squirtle and Leo's time together in the terrarium, the pair shared stories, played Jenga with stink bugs, and even mocked the kids' parents. 

Despite being jealous of the fact that the students shower Leo with love, Squirtle will do anything for his best friend even when the chips are down.

Burr is a stand-up comedian who has acting credits in The Mandalorian, Old Dads, and Breaking Bad.

Cecily Strong - Mrs. Malkin

Cecily Strong, Mrs. Malkin
Cecily Strong

Mrs. Malkin (voiced by Saturday Night Live's Cecily Strong) is the fifth-grader's strict substitute teacher.

Malkin uses her old-school ways to make the students follow her rules. During her first class, Malkin goes out of her way to try and ruin the students' hopes and dreams. 

However, Leo swoops in and saves the day by reminding Malkin that teaching and nurturing students is special.

Aside from being a member of Saturday Night Live from 2012 to 2022, Strong is known for her roles in The Boss, The Bronze, and The Meddler.

Jason Alexander - Jayda’s Dad

Jason Alexander, Jayda’s Dad
Jason Alexander

Jadya's dad is voiced by Jason Alexander. The character is a famous dermatologist who uses his popularity to bully the school's principal. 

The actor is famous for his role as George Costanza in Seinfeld.

Alexander is also an Emmy and Tony award winner who previously appeared in Pretty Woman, Coneheads, and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Rob Schneider - Principal Spahn

Rob Schneider, Principal
Rob Schneider

Fort Myers Elementary's naive school principal is voiced by Rob Schneider. 

Principal Spahn tries to find the right balance between needy parents and the fact that there is negative feedback toward Ms. Malkin. In addition, the character is also unaware that Leo the Lizard is talking to the students.

Schneider reunited with Adam Sandler in Leo. The pair worked together in various films, such as Big Daddy, Hubie Halloween, and Grown Ups.

Sadie Sandler - Jayda

Sadie Sandler, Jayda
Sadie Sandler

Sadie Sandler voiced Jayda in Netflix's Leo

Jayda is one of the popular girls in Fort Myers Elementary who is judgemental toward her classmates. Upon encountering Leo, the lizard teaches her to become humble. 

Sadie is Adam Sandler's daughter. The actress also appeared alongside her father in You Are So Not Invited to My Batz Mitzvah and Hubie Halloween

Sunny Sandler - Summer

Sunny Sandler, Summer
Sunny Sandler

Sunny Sandler is part of the cast of Leo as the voice of Summer.

Despite being a kid, Summer knows that fifth grade marks the start of her transition into becoming an adult. In the film, Summer becomes the first student who takes Leo home, resulting in the lizard imparting some valuable life lessons to her. 

Sunny is Adam's other kid and Sadie's sister. The actress also appeared in Hubie Halloween, Home Team, and You Are So Not Invited to My Batz Mitzvah.

Jackie Sandler - Jayda’s Mom

Jackie Sandler, Jayda’s Mom
Jackie Sandler

Adam Sandler's wife, Jackie, voiced Jayda's Mom in the animated movie.

Jayda's mom always watches Pilates workout videos during her downtime. She also offers high praise toward her husband even though Jayda doesn't agree with some of them.

Jackie has credits in You Are So Not Invited to My Batz Mitzvah, Murder Mystery, and Kevin Can Wait.

Roey Smigel - Eli


Roey Smigel is the voice of Eli in Leo.

Eli is a fifth-grade student who is always shy since he has yet to come out of his shell due to his overprotective mom. His mom even uses a drone to follow him around. 

Smigel is known for his roles in Hotel Transylvania 2 and The Week Of.

Heidi Gardner - Eli’s Mom

Heidi Gardner, Eli’s Mom
Heidi Gardner

Eli's overprotective mother is voiced by Heidi Gardner. 

Aside from using a drone to monitor her son, Eli's mother keeps him safe by isolating him from his friends.

Gardner has been a cast member of Saturday Night Live since 2017. The actress also appeared in Hustle, Life of the Party, and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Paul Brittain - Eli’s Dad

Paul Brittain, Eli’s Dad
Paul Brittain

Eli's dad (voiced by Paul Brittain) is considered a helicopter parent after supporting his wife's decision to use a drone to watch over their son all the time.

Brittain is a voice actor known for his work on Hotel Transylvania and Hotel Transylvania 2. The actor also has credits in The Night is Young, Trophy Wife, and Kroll Show.

Nick Swardson - Bunny

Nick Swardson, Bunny
Nick Swardson

Nick Swardson lends his voice to Bunny, the Fort Myers Elementary school's pet rabbit. It has been a tradition for the students to rename Bunny every year, and this time, his name is Cinnabon. 

Swardson worked with Adam Sandler in Just Go With It, Benchwarmers, and Jack and Jill.

Kevin James - Ace

Kevin James
Kevin James

Kevin James is part of Leo's cast as the voice of Ace.

James is one of Adam Sandler's longtime collaborators, and they worked together in films like Pixels, Grown Ups, and Grown Ups 2.

Ethan Smigel - Anthony


Anthony is the class bully who projects himself as such because of his anxieties. The character is voiced by Ethan Smigel. 

Leo then tells Anthony that he needs to enjoy being a kid to ease his worries. 

Smigel is known for his work in Hotel Transylvania 2 and The Week Of.

Nicholas Turturro - Anthony’s Dad

Nicholas Turturro
Nicholas Turturro

Anthony's dad is voiced by Nicholas Turturro. 

Turturro previously starred in The Longest Yard, NYPD Blue, Excess Baggage, and Here Comes the Boom

Robert Smigel - Miniature Horse

Robert Smigel, Miniature Horse
Robert Smigel

Leo director Robert Smigel also joins the movie's cast as the voice of Miniature Horse.

The Miniature Horse appears at Jayda's birthday party. Similar to Leo, the horse is also having a crisis since he wants to be free and see the world.

Smigel is a writer for Saturday Night Live, The Week Of, and Let's Be Real.

Jo Koy - Coach Komura

Jo Koy, Coach Komura
Jo Koy

Filipino-American stand-up comedian Jo Koy is the voice of Coach Komura. 

Coach Komura is Fort Myers Elementary's school gym coach, and he also serves as the students' driver during the field trip to Magic Land Park. Ms. Malkin also has a crush on him for some reason. 

Jo Koy previously appeared in Haunted Mansion and Easter Sunday.

TienYa Safko - Skyler


Skyler (voiced by TienYa Safko) is part of Jadya's circle alongside Logan. 

Skyler is one of the popular girls in fifth grade. She also receives the first demerit points from Ms. Malkin. 

Leo is TienYa Safko's first notable acting credit.

Stephanie Hsu - Skyler’s Mom

Stephanie Hsu
Stephanie Hsu

Skyler's mom is voiced by Stephanie Hsu. 

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel fans may recognize Hsu for her role as Mei in the series. The actress also appeared in Everything Everywhere All at Once, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, and Joy Ride.

Gloria Manning - Logan

Gloria Manning, Logan
Gloria Manning

Logan is a member of Jadya's exclusive clique alongside Skyler.

Manning is known for her roles in Evil, Butterbean Cafe, and Power Book III: Raising Kanan.

Allison Strong - Mrs. Salinas

Allison Strong, Mrs. Salinas
Allison Strong

Mrs. Salinas is the fifth graders' original teacher who took a leave due to her pregnancy. The character is voiced by Allison Strong.

Actress and composer Allison Strong has credits in The Week Of, Either Side of Midnight, and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

Reese Lores - Mia

Reese Lores, Mia
Reese Lores

Reese Lores is the voice of Mia, the class science whiz who always hugs her teachers. 

Mia's parents were recently divorced, and this was the main reason why she has grown clingy to her teachers and peers. Leo helps her to move forward by telling her to not be afraid of talking about her true feelings.

Lores is known for her roles in Boca Witches and Lower Your Expectations.

Leo is now streaming on Netflix.

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