Kevin Feige Boasts About Marvel's Disney+ Viewership Beating Other Shows

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Kevin Feige, Moon Knight, Ms. Marvel, Captain America, Disney+

Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige celebrated the success in viewership that MCU titles on Disney+ have had against stiff competition from other shows.

Even considering the struggles that the MCU has faced in theaters and on Disney+ in recent months, the franchise still remains one of the top names in the streaming business against other franchises on streamers like Hulu, Amazon Prime, and HBO Max.

Both WandaVision and Loki set new records for viewership on Disney+, and even with other series not living up to that same hype, the MCU continues to hold steady next to some of the biggest streaming shows on the air.

Amid the negativity surrounding the MCU as of late, this accomplishment is one that Kevin Feige isn't taking lightly.

Kevin Feige Hypes Up Marvel's Disney+ Viewership

Kevin Feige, Disney Plus, Wanda, Falcon, Loki

Speaking at the 2023 Disney Upfront event, as shared by Variety, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige highlighted the success that Marvel Studios has seen through its efforts on Disney+.

Feige made the claim that even the MCU's smallest series garner "two to three times [more] viewers" across international markets compared to the most popular series from competing streamers, although the studio head didn't specify specific titles:

"Thanks to Disney+, we've expanded the Marvel Cinematic Universe into genre and formats new to us that we haven’t done before. We’ve been able to introduce exciting new heroes and villains, locations and storylines into the MCU. And I’m pleased to share that when you compare our Marvel series to some of the buzziest shows on competitive services, even our smallest series are reaching much more international audience - often two to three times the number of viewers.”

This announcement comes alongside impressive viewership numbers for Marvel Studios' movies on the service, even while the studio looks into making changes to the process in which the films move from theaters to streaming.

Will Marvel Viewership Reign Continue on Disney+?

Despite some of the MCU's shows haven't earned the best reception or viewership numbers, Kevin Feige remains confident in his franchise's ability to reach the masses at an impressive level compared to other shows.

This is a particularly exciting feat when looking at the way series like Ms. Marvel and She-Hulk: Attorney at Law faced review-bombing before they even hit the air, with fans flocking to Disney+ to see how the MCU would evolve at every turn.

Now, the question is whether Marvel Studios will be able to continue this run on Disney+ as the studio looks to make some tangible changes to its release process, which even includes releasing fewer Disney+ shows per year.

The first of these changes was just confirmed with Echo's confirmed November 29 release date, which will actually see all six episodes dropped at once for the first time in MCU history.

This will be the final of three shows released this year after Secret Invasion in June and Loki Season 2 in October, although there's a chance that Marvel may also look to bring a Special Presentation by the end of the year as well.

And with Marvel continually looking to adjust its process in order to gain the most success financially and critically, fans are looking for the studio's next round of Disney+ shows to keep seeing improvements with each new release.

Marvel Studios will return to Disney+ with the release of Secret Invasion, whose first episode will premiere on June 21.

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