Keanu Reeves' Constantine Co-Star Claims Sequel to 2005 DC Film Is Happening

By Aeron Mer Eclarinal Posted:
Constantine logo, Keanu Reeves as John Constantine

Constantine is one of the most intriguing properties of the DC franchise due to its otherworldly take on mystical creatures and its entertaining character beats. Right now, John Constantine is aboard the Waverider in DC's Legends of Tomorrow, but plans for a silver screen revival for the character are reportedly being mapped out.

Interestingly, The Direct's exclusive report previously revealed that a live-action movie centered on John Constantine is currently in development at Warner Bros. with JJ Abrams ( Star Wars: The Force Awakens ) attached as a producer. Despite that, it is currently unclear if this film will explore a fresh new take of the character, or if it will once again feature Keanu Reeves' version from the 2005 film, Constantine .

Now, a new post from one of Reeves' costar may offer clues on the potential direction of the 2005 blockbuster.


In an Instagram post , Constantine star Peter Stormare appears to hint that a sequel to the 2005 film is happening. Stormare shared a photo of his character, Lucifer, from Constantine with the caption saying, "Sequel in The Works."

Sequel In The Works


While fans can take this with a grain of salt (although it comes straight from one of the actors from 2005's Constantine ), this should serve as a very good indication that talks are happening behind-the-scenes about the franchise. More so, this tease from Stormare aligns with our exclusive , and this development should bode well for longtime fans of John Constantine.

Interestingly, Keanu Reeves and Constantine director Francis Lawrence previously shared their enthusiasm about making a sequel, hinting that "it'd be fun to make" a big-screen follow-up. By connecting the dots, it's entirely possible that Constantine 2 will soon arrive, but the casual nature of Stormare's Instagram post could raise eyebrows about the validity of the news.

In conjunction with that, the DCEU is expected to maximize its multiverse potential, shifting the focus from an interconnected storyline to branching out different projects to tackle different, yet captivating storylines. With 2022's The Flash diving into a multiverse-heavy narrative, it's possible that Keanu Reeves' Constantine could very well be in the mix before eventually going all-in for a potential sequel.

All in all, it's clear that 2005's Constantine has its own cult following, and Stormare's tease could add more hype to the potential arrival of a much-awaited sequel.

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