First Look at Kanan Jarrus' Live-Action Actor In Detail Revealed by New Star Wars Photos

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Star Wars, Kanan Jarrus, Freddie Prinze Jr

Fans now have a detailed first look at what Kanan Jarrus looks like in live-action in the Star Wars universe.

Part of the excitement for Lucasfilm’s Ahsoka as it aired was how it would feature the cast of Star Wars Rebels for the first time.

Sadly, Kanan was destined to not be included in the fun. That is because the Jedi made the ultimate sacrifice in the last few episodes of Rebels, which cost him his life.

First Detailed Photo of Live-Action Kanan Jarrus

As shared on X (formerly Twitter) by user @DanRS87, the first highly detailed image of a live-action Kanan Jarrus, a character from Star Wars Rebels, has been spotted online.

The image comes from a screen-used prop for the Disney+ series Ahsoka that aired in 2023 on the streaming service.

In the art, which does seem to have been rendered in some form (whether by AI or an old school photo edit) as opposed to photographed, Kanan himself shares a likeness with Freddie Prinze Jr., who voiced the character in animation.

Star Wars, Ahsoka, Kanan
Star Wars

The photo can be seen in the show as a decoration adorning Hera Syndulla's cockpit of her ship, The Ghost, in episode 4 of the first season.

Star Wars, Ahsoka, Kanan
Star Wars

Obviously, it makes perfect sense for the character to have this on display, given how close they were before his death, and that he is the father of her child.

Star Wars, Ahsoka, Kanan
Star Wars

Could Kanan Jarrus Show Up In Ahsoka Season 2

Many fans were hopeful that Ahsoka would find a way to bring Kanan Jarrus into live-action, whether it be via flashback or force shenanigans.

Sadly, the best fans got was this new detailed look at his brief Easter egg in Episode 4.

Perhaps Ahsoka Season 2, which has been confirmed, will be able to give the character some fun scenes. As Hera’s child, Jacen, grows up, the story could easily find reasons to have his mother tell stories from when he was alive.

Sadly, when it comes to Freddie Prinze Jr.’s possible involvement, fans should not hold out much hope. The actor previously voiced how he is done with the character, especially after being convinced to return for voice work on Rise of Skywalker.

Hopefully, a continuation of Ahsoka’s storyline will bring Zeb into the picture, something that should have happened for Season 1. Maybe the Lasat could even bring along his old friend Kallus.

Ahsoka is now streaming on Disney+.

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