Justice League 2 Update Casts Doubt on Director Rumor

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Rumors are swirling online that The Flash director Andy Muschietti is Warner Bros.' pick to helm Justice League 2.

Before his time on The Flash, Muschietti was known for his It films and the 2013 movie Mama. Sadly, his work in the world of the DCU has not yet seen the light.

At one point in time, Ezra Miller's solo outing was supposed to have debuted in June of 2022. Clearly, that was never meant to be for this timeline.

Considering the Scarlet Speedster's movie isn't out, if Muschietti is legitimately in the running to take on the DCU's signature team, then that's one big sign of confidence from Warner Bros.

But how likely is it to happen?

An Update on Justice League 2

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The John Campea Show has reported on some new information regarding those Andy Muschuietti rumors regarding Justice League 2.

Campea set the scene by pointing out how he's heard from multiple sources that "The Flash movie is really really good," which makes the idea of Muschetti getting ahold of the big DC Comics film "plausible at the least."

He continued, reiterating that the director would be "a valid candidate for [the job]." 

Campea then revealed that he reached out to someone "who's a little bit on the inside," and they responded back, admitting that "[they] haven't heard of [those rumors]:"

"... We just went over the reasons why he should be considered a valid candidate for it. However, I text messaged somebody last night, who is not [Warner Bros. CEO] David Zaslav, or Alan Horn... but who's a little bit on the inside and I just brought that up. Now, you guys got to understand I am not some Hollywood Insider. Nine times out of ten that I send out these emails or text messages I just never get a response. But about one times out of ten I do; and the response I got was, when I was asking about Andy Muschietti, and 'Justice League 2', all they said was, 'I haven't heard of that.' So I mean, maybe that's worth something, maybe it's not."

What Does the Future Hold for the Justice League?

At this point, all of the information remains hearsay—nothing official exists just yet. Though, the talk about Justice League 2 does feel rather sudden, seeing as proper rumors of a sequel seemed to die out back in 2017, alongside the film's box office numbers.

However, it was always a given that the team-up would happen again one day. With the Avengers set to be a massive brand name for the foreseeable future, Warner Bros. is going to always want its own big crossover events.

If the rumors are true, the move to find someone is likely a direct result of James Gunn and Peter Safran's recent take over of the DCU at Warner Bros. WB's CEO David Zaslav has previously hyped up their plans for the future. If it's as cohesive and grand as he has teased, then there would almost certainly be a big event film somewhere in the pipeline.

As for whether or not Andy Muschiettie is the right person for the job, it's hard to tell for sure—especially given how his film isn't out yet. However, rumors have indicated that the movie has been testing incredibly well with audiences, maybe good enough to have the Justice League handed to him on a silver platter.

Hopefully, whoever does get the movie can bring the world a quality team up. Fingers crossed that the lineup stays relatively accurate as well, despite all the shakeups in the casting department across the DCU.

Something that Muschietti knows all too well about, given how his project has been consistently threatened by its own star's actions.

The Flash hits theaters on June 23, 2023.

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