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James Gunn is known as one of the most open directors in Hollywood regarding his upcoming work, particularly with his work on superhero projects. On the DC side of things, he's already shot down a rumor about Bane being the main villain in Peacemaker Season 2, not even knowing himself what's planned for the future. He's done the same with the MCU as well, especially with the news about what's on the way with the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Currently, Gunn is hard at work on various new adventures for the galactic misfits, the most prominent of those being next year's Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. While this film will push the team forward in ways never seen before, it's also said to hold some of the franchise's most emotional moments through the plot as well.

Gunn's other two Guardians-centric projects will come on Disney+ with the animated I Am Groot and the Guardians' Holiday Special, which will bring back the entire original team.

While Gunn keeps up the hard work for this new trio of entries, he's always on the lookout for news about what's said to be coming - whether it's true or false. Recently, he found another wild rumor about more Guardians-based Disney+ work, although he shut down the idea fairly quickly.

Gunn Shuts Down Thanos Disney+ Prequel Rumor

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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 director James Gunn took to Twitter to debunk a rumor regarding a potential Thanos-based project coming to Disney+.

Moth Culture shared a report that Marvel and Disney were developing a Guardians prequel series focused on Gamora's "family-like relationship" with Thanos and her sister Nebula.

Gunn shot that rumor down by denying the rumor, making it clear that Thanos actually "tortured" Gamora and Nebula after taking them in as daughters:

"lol no - he tortured them, not exactly a “family-like” relationship"

No Love Lost Between Thanos and Daughters

While the family dynamic is one that's been utilized to great success within the MCU, particularly with the Guardians, Thanos and his children aren't exactly the model of success in that department.

Yes, there have been rumors and hopes for Disney to develop Thanos' backstory further, whether it be through a Disney+ series or in other cosmic movies like Eternals. However, if the MCU were to bring a Thanos series to life about his "family," Gunn makes it clear that this wasn't any kind of loving family.

In reality, there's a legitimate chance that Thanos' history may be explored in Guardians 3, especially with how big Gamora and Nebula's roles will be in the threequel. This movie will show them being completely free of the Mad Titan for the first time in the MCU's story, allowing them to get some closure on their traumatic childhood experiences.

Although Thanos remains a popular MCU figure, Gunn makes sure that fans are clear on the fact that he wasn't any sort of family man.

Gunn is currently working on Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, which will debut in theaters on May 5, 2023.

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