James Gunn's Superman Will Reportedly Fight These Villains (Rumor)

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A new rumor potentially revealed a group of villains who will be going up against James Gunn's Superman in the upcoming DCU reboot.

Lots of conversations have taken place over the last few months regarding the many plans both Gunn and fellow co-lead Peter Safran have in place for the franchise. One of the biggest elements of that reboot will be a brand-new solo film for everyone's favorite Kryptonian titled Superman: Legacy.

While it may be sad to lose Henry Cavill's take on the character, this new Man of Steel will be a younger, more hopeful incarnation of the character.

Besides that, however, not many details are known about the fresh start. 

Superman vs The Authority in the New DCU

Superman and The Authority

According to industry insider KC Walsh, one of the villains that James Gunn's new Superman will be going up against in the DCU will be The Authority.

In a message between Walsh and his source, it was revealed that at some point in the DCU's Chapter 1: Gods and Monsters, Superman will be going up against The Authority.

For those unaware, The Authority is a more intense version of the Suicide Squad—aka, a powerful team with extreme methods that someone like Superman would probably find questionable.

DC Comics recently published a comic series titled Superman and The Authority, which followed the Kryptonian putting together a new team who could do jobs that the Justice League wouldn't.

With The Authority getting their own film, it would make sense that they'll be going up against the Man of Steel, even this wasn't in their movie's climactic battle. Most fans would probably be ecstatic to get more Superman, no matter where he shows up.

KC Walsh's message also made a note of a few other tidbits regarding Gunn's new Chapter 1 relaunch.

Animal Man will come up at some point, Lobo is set to appear (previously rumored for 2025's Superman: Legacy), JL New Frontier will be an inspiration at some point, Peacemaker's second season is still happening, and a Mr. Terrific project is in the works.

There is also a chance that those bullet points in the shared messages are all actually for individual projects.

Fans should take all of this information strictly as a rumor as Warner Bros. or DC Studios have not confirmed these details.

How James Gunn Is Putting Clark Kent to the Test

The Authority is an extremely unknown group of characters, potentially more obscure than the Guardians of the Galaxy were before their MCU debut.

So it would make perfect sense for Gunn to quickly match them up with Superman, aka one of the world's most famous superheroes. But when will this match-up occur?

When it comes to Kal-El's solo outing, multiple rumors have already suggested that Lobos is a strong contender for being the key antagonist of James Gunn's Superman film. The villain's name being mentioned in the same rumor continues to add weight to those claims.

Superman: Legacy is set to hit theaters on July 11, 2025, while The Authority does not currently have a release window.

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