How to Write a Prompt on Instagram Notes - May 2024 Update

By Gillian Blum Posted:
Instagram Notes

Instagram's newest feature is Prompts — a variation of the already-existing Notes function — and users may be wondering exactly how to use this added element.

The Prompts feature allows Instagram users to pose questions to their followers, or to respond to questions others have posed.

Users can share Prompts that will be visible without their names attached to everyone, and with their names attached either with their Instagram followers whom they follow back or with just those on their specific close friends list.

How to Find & Make an Instagram Prompt

To utilize the new Instagram Prompts feature, you need to click on your Direct Message (DM) page.

An Instagram screenshot showing the question

If you click on one of the profiles at the top that has a note with responses (or the ability to respond), a screen will come up showing the responses, along with the original Prompt.

You can respond by clicking "Add a response..." and typing.

An Instagram screenshot with an arrow pointing to a speech bubble to type a note into.

If you click on the "Note..." speech bubble above your own profile photo, just like you would if you were adding a note that was not part of a Prompt of some kind.

An Instagram screenshot with a purple arrow and the word

You'll be directed to a screen that allows you to either post a note as usual or to send in a Prompt (and your own answer, too). Just click your profile photo, and start typing in the speech bubble.

An Instagram screenshot with a question,

You can then choose who you want to see your response to the Prompt, as well as the fact that you were the original poster. Your options are either your followers whom you follow back or your close friends list.

From there, you can see who else responds to your Prompt as you answer Prompts from others. You can also leave notes (text, music, and video) like you could before Prompts were added.

The new Prompts feature is available as of the Instagram update on Thursday, May 30.

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