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I Woke Up a Vampire, Netflix

Netflix's I Woke Up a Vampire features a new cast of vampires and humans portrayed by up-and-coming actors. 

The teen horror-comedy from the streaming giant stars Kaileen Angelic Chang as Carmie Henley, a kid who finds out she's a human-vampire hybrid during her 13th birthday. 

I Woke Up a Vampire made its debut on Netflix on Monday, October 17. 

Every Main Actor & Character in I Woke Up a Vampire

Kaileen Angelic Chang - Carmie Henley

Kaileen Angelic Chang as Carmie Henley
Kaileen Angelic Chang

Kaileen Angelic Chang leads I Woke Up a Vampire's stellar cast as Carmie Henley, a character who discovers that she is a Vampling (half-human-vampire) when she wakes up on her 13th birthday. 

As a Vampling, Carmie can still go outside in the sun without dying, and she has yet to have a thirst for blood. She also has super strength, speed, and the ability to fly. 

It is revealed that Carmie has until her 16th birthday to decide if she wants to become a human or a vampire. But first, she needs to navigate middle school while trying to hide her vampire qualities. 

Aside from starring in notable short films like Back in Time and A Crazy Daisy Sister, I Woke Up a Vampire is Chang's first major acting gig. 

Niko Ceci - Kev Gardner

Niko Ceci as Kev Garnder
Niko Ceci

Kev Gardner (played by Niko Ceci) is Carmie's best friend who is obsessed with comic books and pop culture. 

When Carmie finds out that she is a half-human/vampire, she immediately tells Kev all about it. Given Kev's expertise in comic books, he explains to Carmie that her life is eerily similar to being a Blended, a character who is an offspring of humans and supernatural beings. 

Kev is also the one who refers to Carmie as a Vampling. 

Kev also reminds Carmie that she's "not a freak" and that she's his "best friend" amid her new phase in life. 

Despite his young age, Niko Ceci has an impressive resume of voice acting roles, bringing several characters to life in projects like Clifford the Big Red Dog, Corn & Peg, and Blue's Clues & You

Ipsita Paul - Aasha Henley

Ipsita Paul as Aasha Henley
Ipsita Paul

Ipsita Paul brings Aasha Henley to life in I Woke Up a Vampire. The character is Carmie's adopted mother who loves and supports her, but she has yet to find out that she's a Vampling. 

Paul is known for her roles as Agent Simkins in the Beauty and the Beast TV series, Aunt Kimberly in A Handmaid's Tale, and Gladys Bridges in Good Sam.

Rainbow Sun Francks - Bill Henley

Rainbow Sun Francks as Frank Henley
Rainbow Sun Francks

Bill Henley (played by Rainbow Sun Francks) is Carmie's adoptive father and Aasha's husband. He tries to bond with Carmie by bringing his love for gaming to the forefront.

Francks is known for his roles in High Fidelity, Stargate: Atlantis, and The Umbrella Academy.

Aaliyah Cinello - Madison Spencer

Aaliyah Cinello as Madison Spencer
Aaliyah Cinello

Aaliyah Cinello plays Madison Spencer, a new student who befriends Carmie in middle school. Madison moved in alongside her mother to start up a new restaurant. 

In the latter part of I Woke Up a Vampire, it is eventually revealed that Madison is also hiding a secret of her own. She is a werewolf. 

Even though she transforms into a beast on a full moon, Madison is still quite a nice gal inside. 

Cinello previously appeared as Ashley in Kim's Convenience and Ava in The Solutioneers

Zebastin Borjeau - Dylan Helsing

Zebastin Borjeau as Dylan Helsing
Zebastin Borjeau

As a descendant of longtime vampire hunter Van Helsing, Zebastian Borjeau's Dylan Helsing ultimately becomes one in the present day and he is dedicated to hunting down the Blendeds and giving it to the Collector. 

Dylan has powerful tools that can shrink anyone down to size (yes, even humans). Although he hates the Blendeds, he becomes friends with Carmie and Kev. 

Previously appearing as a young Joe Pickett in the series of the same name, Borjeau's past acting credits include Curious Caterer: Fatal Vows and E.T.: A Holiday Reunion

Ana Araujo - Leanna Timmons

Ana Araujo as Leanna Timmons
Ana Araujo

Leanna Timmons is Carmie's arch-rival and school bully who gets jealous when she upstages her during the school play auditions. The character is portrayed on-screen by Ana Araujo. 

Even though she goes to the principal's office after the debacle at the auditorium involving her and Carmie, Leanna eventually bounces back when she becomes the head of the school play, helping everyone with their lines and dance moves.

Araujo is known for her roles in Odd Squad, Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum, and Entertaining Christmas.

Delia Lisette Chambers - Jayden Henley

Delia Lisette Chambers as Jaden Henley
Delia Lisette Chambers

Delia Lisette Chambers plays Jayden Henley, one-half of the fraternal twins of Bill and Aasha and Carmie's adoptive sister. 

She, alongside her brother, eventually finds out that Carmie is secretly a Vampling.

Despite her young age, Chambers is an award-winning Canadian actress known for her roles in Moonfall, The Boys, Titans, and Super Wish

Jayd Deroche - Aiden Henley

Jayd Deroche as Aiden Henley
Jayd Deroche

Portraying the other half of Bill and Aasha's fraternal twins is Jayd Deroche as Aiden Henley. 

Deroche's past credits include The Boys, Dino Ranch, and Miracle in Motor City. 

Bracken Burns - Substitute

Bracken Burns
Bracken Burns

Bracken Burns appears as the unnamed teacher who oversees the audition in the pilot episode of I Woke Up a Vampire. She is impressed with Carmie's performance.

Burns is known for her roles in Falling, Frankie Drake Mysteries, and People Watching.

Jillian Welsh - Jordan Chase

Jillian Welsh as Jordan Chase
Jillian Welsh

Jillian Welsh brings Principal Jordan Chase to life in I Woke Up a Vampire

As Carmie's school principal, Jordan is sometimes rude and condescending to students, but she still gets the job done. 

Welsh is best known for her roles as Megan in Baroness Von Sketch Show and Jane in Run the Burbs

Patrick McKenna - Rainey the Dog (voice)

When Carmie wakes up on her 13th birthday and finds out that she is a vampire, she hears her dog, Rainey, talk for the first time. Veteran actor Patrick McKenna lends his voice to the character. 

McKenna previously appeared in The Red Green Show, Traders, and 2014's Robocop.

Kris Siddiqi - The Collector

Kris Siddiqi as The Collector
Kris Siddiqi

Playing one of the big bads in I Woke Up a Vampire is Kris Siddiqi as The Collector. 

While he is the owner of the comic book store by day, he secretly hires Dylan Helsing to hunt down Blendeds for his collection. 

Ultimately, it is revealed that he collects them as payment to get his daughter back and is in cahoots with another villain, The Shapeshifter. 

Siddiqi previously appeared in Molly's Game, Titans, The Boys, and The Changeling

Charlotte Legault - The Shapeshifter

Charlotte Legault as Shapeshifter
Charlotte Legault

Charlotte Legault plays The Shapeshifter, the villain who made a deal with The Collector to hunt down Blended for her personal gain. 

During the finale, it is eventually revealed that the mysterious Shapeshifter is Carmie's real mother. Kev also finds out that The Collector is Carmie's real father. 

Legault is known for her roles in District 31, Transplant, and The Parent Family.

Alyssa Hidalgo - Jewel

Alyssa Hidalgo as Jewel
Alyssa Hidalgo

The Collector's daughter who he is trying to save from The Shapeshifter is played by Alyssa Hidalgo as Jewel. 

Hidalgo is known for her roles in Odd Squad, Endlings, and OddTube.

Rick Astley - Himself

Rick Astley
Rick Astley

Rick Astley appears in a cameo as himself in I Woke Up a Vampire.

At the end of the school musical, Astley makes an appearance via a video message to Carmie, with him revealing to her that he is also a vampire. 

Rick Astley is a famous singer who became popular with his songs, "Never Gonna Give You Up" and "Together Forever."

I Woke Up a Vampire is now streaming on Netflix.

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