Hawkeye: Jeremy Renner Teases More Ronin With New Set Photo

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Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye on a purple and yellow background, close up of Ronin

Everyone who has seen Avengers: Endgame knows that after losing his entire family to Thanos' half-universe culling snap, Clint Barton aka, Hawkeye had some... interesting ways of dealing with his grief. When his wife and three children were dusted away, Barton chose to take out his anger out on criminal organizations around the world.

Arming himself with a katana and donning a black and gold costume, Clint took on the mantle of Ronin and began putting a stop to the bad guys and their wrong doings, permanently.  His murderous spree was brought to a close when his old friend, Natasha Romanoff showed up to give him some much needed hope that the snap could be undone and everybody that was lost could be brought back.

Jeremy Renner is reprising his role Clint Barton in the upcoming Disney+ series, Hawkeye. The show has been filming for a few months and the team behind the scenes seem to be very proud of what they've created so far. In fact, a spin-off for the character Echo from the series has reportedly already been green lit.

As previously confirmed by Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige, this show will further expand on the character's time as Ronin through flashbacks.


Hawkeye star Jeremy Renner took to Instagram to share a photo of himself in his full Ronin garb with the caption "Back when..." 

Check out the full picture below:

Source: Jeremy Renner's Instagram Stories



Now, this could very well be a new set photo from the ongoing production of Hawkeye, but it could also just be a leftover image from the making of Avengers: Endgame. Without more context, it's a little difficult to tell.

However, given that, again, Hawkeye is currently still shooting, it seems likely that this image was recently taken from the Disney+ series' set.

What's more is that fans will surely recall Clint's hairstyle in that movie. It was notably shaved on the sides of his head, giving his hair a bit of a mohawk-like style. As has been seen from other behind-the-scenes photos from the show, Renner is sporting Barton's hair at a normal length.

Perhaps given the unique hairdo Clint has as Ronin, they were waiting till the end of the show's production to cut it in that way and film all of the Ronin-related scenes then. Lending credence to this line of thought is the fact that Hawkeye should be set to wrap shooting quite soon.

Whatever the case may be, the series will drop on Disney+ sometime in late 2021.

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