New Hawkeye Video Teases Surprise Return of One Supporting Character

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Hawkeye has fired its shot and hit the bullseye. Marvel Studios' final Disney+ streaming series for the year has been a success, receiving positive reactions and drawing in a decent crowd. After all, how could audiences miss Clint Barton's first solo adventure and the introduction of Hailee Steinfeld's Kate Bishop to the MCU?

The show is based on the famous Matt Fraction comics run for the character and has retained not only the levity and comedic spirit of its source material but also the dramatic elements as well.

One of those comedic moments came in the form of a big LARP, live-action role-playing, gathering in the series' second installment. One of the members, Grills, got ahold of the Ronin costume and used it to look cool in front of his peers.

The silly scene gave plenty of laughs, and now Marvel has released a new featurette talking about the sequence. It even potentially spoilers the return of Grills.

Seemingly Minor Hawkeye Supporting Role to Return?

Marvel Studios has released a new behind-the-scenes featurette for Hawkeye that focuses on the big LARPing scene in the show's second episode.

In it, actor Clayton English, who portrays Grills, is seen giving on-set interviews.

Hawkeye Larping

Grills is the LARPing member who stole the Ronin outfit from Kate Bishop's burning apartment to then use it to up his social status.

Hawkeye, Grillis, Clayton English

What makes this notable, is that the actor is giving any interviews at all, especially in such a professional set-up environment.

Not only that, but the background environment surrounding him certainly doesn't look like the snowy park fans saw him at.

What does all this mean? Well, it could easily indicate that the character is returning to the show at one point. After all, the two did have a rather open-ended final exchange.

In the Matt Fraction run that inspired the show itself, Grills is one of Clint's neighbors. Sadly, his character doesn't get a happy ending, with him dying at the hands of assassin and psychopath Kazi.

The video in its entirety can be seen below:


Danger for Hawkeye's Former Acquaintance?

Given the character's short, but impactful, history in the comics, a return was always possible. But given how the Grills came into the story, and his role to play in it, his last exchange with Clint Barton could have easily been the end for him.

The real question, is, if he does return, does that spell doom for Grills? The Kazi of Hawkeye, played by Fra Free, isn't quite the same as the one from the comics—so his fate isn't quite sealed yet.

Given how the Tracksuit Mafia has reacted to Kate Bishop wearing the Ronin outfit, seeing all the social media posts of Grills flaunting his new look probably got some attention from the wrong people; this is likely how he'll come back into the orbit of Barton.

Hawkeye streams weekly every Wednesday on Disney+.

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