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Harry Wild, Rohan Nedd, Jane Seymour

Fans are closer than ever to the release of Harry Wild Season 3, as the hit BBC series returns after more than six months off the air. 

The British crime drama follows Harriet "Harry" Wild, a literature professor who, after retirement (and following being the victim of a local crime), decides to take up sleuthing. She becomes a detective and solves crimes with the help of a teen mugger known as Fergus.

Season 3 was announced shortly after the end of Harry Wild's sophomore effort. 

When Is Harry Wild Season 3 Releasing?

Harry Wild trailer
Harry Wild

Harry Wild Season 3 is set to be released on BBC America and Acorn TV on Monday, May 13 (via TV Line). 

This comes about six months following the end of Season 2 in November 2023. 

Harry Wild will return with a two-episode premiere on May 13 (according to Rotten Tomatoes). 

The series' third season will consist of six episodes just like its first two seasons, running from mid-May until Monday, June 17. 

Here is a full list of expected release dates for Harry Wild Season 3:

  • Episode 1 - Monday, May 13
  • Episode 2 - Monday, May 13
  • Episode 3 - Monday, May 20
  • Episode 4 - Monday, May 27
  • Episode 5 - Monday, June 10
  • Episode 6 - Monday, June 17

Who’s Cast in Harry Wild Season 3?

Several actors have been officially confirmed for Harry Wild Season 3's cast, and many are returning from the series' first two outings. 

Of course, Jane Seymour will be back as Harry Wild's titular lit professor-turned-detective.

Rohan Nedd's Fergus (the teenage mugger who works alongside Harry in her conquests for criminal justice) and Kevin Ryan's Charlie (the easily annoyed son of the local police chief and local detective skeptical of Harry's endeavors) will join Seymour again. 

Here is a full list of confirmed actors for Harry Wild Season 3's cast:

  • Jane Seymour - Harry Wild
  • Rohan Nedd - Fergus
  • Kevin Ryan - Charlie
  • Amy Huberman - Orla
  • Samantha Mumba - Paula
  • Paul Tylak - Major Talbot
  • Rose O’Neill - Lola

What Will Happen in Harry Wild Season 3?

Season 3 of Harry Wild will pick up where Season 2 left off, following the dramatic investigative pursuits of Jane Seymour's Harriet "Harry" Wild. 

According to the official press release for the series, Season 3 will center (at least to start) on the conquest of Fergus and Harry to contest the custody of Samantha Mumba's Paula:

"Season 3 picks up where season two left off with Fergus, guided by Harry, planning to contest Paula’s custody claim to Liberty. But it is not plain sailing and there are some surprises in store along the way. The agency is still as busy as ever and Harry and Fergus have to find a way to balance work and life."

All this will happen as new cases come across their desk week to week, looking into everything from the death of an Irish boy band idol to the murder of a soap opera director:

"This time out they’re hired to prove the lead singer of Ireland’s hottest boy band didn’t kill himself, find out who decapitated a woman in a busy restaurant and served her head on a platter, discover who murdered a despotic director on the set of Ireland’s leading daytime soap opera and work out how a mystery writer managed to shoot himself in a locked panic room without a gun."

Harry will also have to grapple with a case that is more personal than ever before when a "good friend" from her past "calls on her for help when her estranged husband turns up dead:"

"Closer to home, a good friend of Harry’s calls on her for help when her estranged husband turns up dead in her fishpond and Harry and Fergus, along with Charlie, Orla and Lola, are in the midst of the action when a grieving father forces them to solve his daughter’s case."

In her personal life, the series' central detective will be confronted with the proposition of love for the first time in a while as "a charming fellow private detective" comes into her life, making her question if she can trust her dashing compatriot:

"Elsewhere, love is in the air when Glenn decides the time has come to pop the question to his long-time girlfriend, the light-fingered, Petra. And while love doesn’t run so smoothly for Fergus and Lola this time out, Harry meets a charming fellow private detective and finds herself falling for him even though she’s not sure she can trust him and finds him utterly infuriating."

Harry Wild Season 3 will be released on May 13 on Acorn TV and BBC America.

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