Halo Season 2: Release, Cast and Everything We Know So Far

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With Halo Season 2 on the way, here is everything we know about its release, cast, and so much more. 

The streaming adaptation of the hit Xbox franchise kicked off with its debut season in 2022, telling the story of Master Chief, Cortana, and humanity's war with a coalition of alien races known as the Covenant. 

The series premiered on Paramount+, debuting to middling critical reception (currently sitting at 70% on Rotten Tomatoes), but was enough of a success to break viewership records on the platform. 

Halo was greenlit for a second season shortly before the first began its run back in March 2022; however, details on the sophomore effort have remained space. 

When Is Halo Season 2 Releasing?

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There is no official release date currently for Halo Season 2, but recent updates indicate when fans should expect more of this sci-fi epic. 

Filming for the series' second season wrapped on May 1 of this year after more than six months of production. 

The first Season premiered in March 2022, roughly nine months after completing principal photography in June of the previous year.

This means Season 2 can be expected sometime between the months of February and May 2024. 

Who’s Cast In Halo Season 2?

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After playing Halo figurehead Master Cheif (both in and out of the armor) in Season 1, Canadian actor Pablo Schreiber will return as the character to the streaming series in its second batch of episodes. 

Other returning names include Bokeem Woodbine (Soren), Jen Taylor (Cortana), Natascha McElhone (Dr. Catherine Halsey), Shabana Azmi (Admiral Margaret Parangosky), Natasha Culzac (Riz), Olive Gray (Dr. Miranda Keyes), Yerin Ha (Kwan Ha), Bentley Kalu (Vannak), Kate Kennedy (Kai), and Danny Sapani (Captain Jacob Keyes). 

A couple of Season 1 characters who will now be regulars in Season 2 are Laera (played by Fiona O'Shaughnessy) and Kessler (played by Tylan Bailey). 

Two wholly new additions to the cast come with Joseph Morgan as James Ackerson and Cristina Rodlo as Talia Perez.

What Will Happen in Halo Season 2?

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Following the exciting finale of Halo Season 1 where the Covenant finally saw the Halo star map, the death of Makee, and Cortana taking over the body of Master Cheif, there are plenty of directions Season 2 could go. 

What the Halo team seems to be setting up is something of a riff on Halo: Combat Evolved from 2001. Master Chief and Cortana are bonded, Chief's memory has seemingly been wiped, and the Covenant is on the way to a Halo ringworld. Sounds just like where gamers pick up control of Xbox's iconic Spartan at the beginning of that first game.

Of course, it will not be a direct translation from the Bungie-developed first-person shooter, but surely Season 1 put the series on the path to tell a story closer to some of the games. 

What will be interesting to see is how involved the Forerunner artifacts that were so critical to Season 1 will impact Season 2. With Yerin Ha's Kwan Ha on the run looking for more evidence of the Forerunners, her Season 2 subplot will likely see her continuing her search across the galaxy. 

And, while no confirmation of his involvement has been made public yet, one fan-favorite name who could play into Halo's second batch of episodes is the Covenant defect, the Arbiter. The disgraced Covenant Elite is so crucial to the story told in the Halo game, it feels like only a matter of time before he and Master Cheif cross paths on Paramount+. 

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