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More details are being compiled in 2024 as consumers prepare for Google's Pixel 9 and Pixel 9 Pro launch.

After numerous leaks had built anticipation, Google officially unveiled its Pixel 8 series on October 12, 2023. The Pixel 8 and 8 Pro boasted fresh designs, enhanced processors, and improved cameras.

Google also introduced advanced eye-catching generative AI features, including Magic Editor for photo manipulation and Best Take for selecting facial expressions.

Looking forward, several reports and leaks already indicate new information on the next additions to the Pixel series.

When Will the Google Pixel 9 Release?

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Google has consistently chosen the first week of October for unveiling new Pixel devices, and that tradition is expected to continue. 

During 2023's Made By Google event, the company's focus was on incorporating AI into its devices. To stay competitive, Google utilized AI capabilities in the Pixel 8 lineup, Pixel Watch 2, and an updated version of the Pixel Buds Pro.

Buyers can anticipate the Made By Google 2024 launch to come in early October, with the products hitting store shelves a week after the official announcement. 

Will There Be a Google Pixel 9 Pro?

Yes, the expectation is that there will be a new installment of the Pixel's "Pro" lineup in 2024. Typically, the Pro version is larger, bringing an upgraded display and at least one more enhanced rear camera.

Heading into 2024, an exciting leak was just published which would completely shake up what to expect from the Google Pixel Pro 9.

Via Android Authority, the Pixel 9 series is expanding, as Google plans to introduce a smaller version of the Pixel 9 Pro with a 6.3-inch display. This is similar in size to the current Pixel 7 but it is equipped with the advanced features that typically attract users to larger models. 

This move is seen as Google's attempt to emulate the success of Apple's iPhone 14 Pro (6.1 inches) and Pro Max (6.7 inches).

How Big Will the Google Pixel 9 Be?

This year, Google is expected to increase the sizes of its entire line-up of phones, including a Pixel 9a and the new Pixel Fold.

Coming from display insider Ross Young, this year's line-up for Google smartphones "will be bigger than this year’s models:"

"We published the display sizes for the Google 9a, 9, 9 Pro and next Pixel Fold in our latest Advanced Smartphone Report. All of them will be bigger than this year’s models…"

In recent years, Google has consistently reduced the display size of the standard Pixel model, with the Pixel 8 featuring a 6.2-inch screen, down from the Pixel 6's 6.4 inches and Pixel 7's 6.3 inches. While there's speculation that the Pixel 9 might revert to the 6.4-inch size, it remains an educated guess. 

The expectation is that the 2024 Pixel 9 series will only be given a slight display size increase, possibly aligning with the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra.

How Much Will the Google Pixel 9 Cost?

After the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro experienced a $100 price hike, expectations are that the Pixel 9 series will stick to the same pricing, similar to the Pixel 6 and Pixel 7 generations (each cost $600 at launch). 

Despite the potential impact of global inflation on escalating prices each year, the current information suggests the Pixel 9 will be priced at $700 and the Pixel 9 Pro at $1,000, the same as the Pixel 8 series.

The mystery is what the price would be for a smaller (6.3-inch) Pixel 9 Pro. As it would still be more premium, an $850 or $900 price tag would make sense, assuming the larger Pro keeps the same price point.

Will The Google Pixel 9 Have a Fully Custom Chip?

The upcoming Google smartphones will likely be powered by the Tensor G4 chipset. There were initially rumors that Google planned to feature the company's first custom in-house chipset, this will likely have to wait until 2025 and the Pixel 10.

The Tensor G4 is expected to offer a modest improvement over the Tensor G3 but will continue to be a modified Samsung Exynos chipset.

For those prioritizing raw performance, waiting for the Pixel 10 with a fully custom, in-house chip might be worthwhile, potentially elevating Google's hardware performance to match competitors like Apple and Samsung. 

Google Pixel 9 Camera (Explained)

In the upcoming Pixel 9 lineup, there is a possibility of introducing new hardware; however, the real highlight is expected to be Google's cutting-edge software innovations. 

Following the newly introduced AI enhancements, consumers should expect more software updates rather than hardware improvements with the Google Pixel 9.

With the Pixel 8 series, Google made slight changes to the sensor lineup, notably upgrading the main rear camera.

On top of the new hardware, the 2023 Pixel Pro features a pro mode that enables shooting at 50 megapixels (MP) with the main camera, equipped with a 25mm lens at f/1.7.

Additionally, the ultra-wide camera boasts 48MP at f/2.0, and the telephoto lens offers 113mm at f/2.8, supporting both RAW and JPEG formats. Users are now able to control ISO, shutter speed, and manual focus within the camera settings.

Is Google Assistant Being Replaced by AI?

The Google Pixel 9 is rumored to introduce a new virtual assistant named "Pixie," replacing the conventional Google Assistant. 

Powered by Google's Gemini AI model, which the company claims excels in language model benchmarks, Pixie aims to offer enhanced capabilities compared to Google Assistant. 

While the differences between Pixie and the regular Google Assistant are yet unknown, it is anticipated that Pixie will generate responses on-device, addressing concerns related to internet access and privacy and providing a more personalized virtual assistant experience. 

The Google Pixel 8 Series is now on sale via Google's online store.

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