Samsung S24 Release Date Speculation, Ultra News, Price Projections, Pre-Order Details and More

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Samsung is ready to unveil its Galaxy S24 smartphone, kicking off 2024 with a bang in tech circles. 

Originally launched in 2009, the Korean tech giant has offered up near-annual releases of its flagship Android phone, pushing the boundaries of cell phone technology.

2024 will be no different, as the Galaxy line welcomes the S24 device as the new standard against which all other Samsung devices will be measured. 

When Will the Samsung Galaxy S24 Release?

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The Samsung Galaxy S24 reveal is seemingly days away, with Samsung's annual Galaxy Unpacked event planned for Wednesday, January 17. 

At this year's Unpacked, the tech manufacturer is expected to have the S23 line of devices (along with a whole suite of other products) on full display for the first time. 

In an official press release, Samsung described the new phone as, "A revolutionary mobile experience," as fans are invited to "discover a new era full of possibilities with the latest Galaxy innovations:"

"A revolutionary mobile experience is coming. Get ready to discover a new era full of possibilities with the latest Galaxy innovations, designed to transform how you live, connect and create. The new Galaxy S series will set a higher standard for the most intelligent mobile experience yet."

The full line will include the high-end Galaxy S24 Ultra, S24+, and the baseline S24. 

No official release timing came into any of Samsung's Unpacked marketing materials, but based on past phone releases, one can start to conclude when the devices will land in users' hands. 

Traditionally, Galaxy devices have been released anywhere between two weeks and one month after being officially debuted to the world. 

Last year's model (the Galaxy S23) was announced on February 1, 2023, and was released 16 days later on February 17, 2023. 

The last Galaxy device to be released in January was the S21, which hit store shelves right at the end of the month (January 29, 2021) after being debuted on January 14. 

Given this past precedent, those excited to pick up an S24 should expect a release sometime in either late January or early February, coming somewhere between January 31 and February 10. 

Is There Going To Be an S24 Ultra?

With the Galaxy S24 and S24+, Samsung will also continue its Ultra line, offering a more premium experience for its device users than the baseline flagship. 

According to leaks, the S24 Ultra sports a stunning 6.8-inch screen with a more efficient M13 OLED panel (via Tech Radar), that will reportedly be the most visually capable screen ever put on a Samsung phone. 

This premium Galaxy device will continue to sport more power than its less-powerful S24 brothers, coming packed with 16 GB of RAM, allowing for a lightning-quick experience in use.

The Ultra is said to cost more than last year's S23 device, likely starting somewhere around $1199 for the 256GB version of the premium device. 

How Much Will the S24 Cost?

No official pricing has been announced for the Galaxy S24 line yet, but there have been a few leaks pointing fans to how much they will have to shell out for the next-gen handset. 

According to Sammobile’s Mihai Matei (via Forbes), the base S24 will cost $799 at launch, with the S24+ at $999 and the S24 Ultra at $1199. 

In August 2023, insider Yogesh Brar hinted prices on the S24 (specifically the Ultra) would "go up" compared to the S23:

"Cost will go up this time with or without 8 Gen 3"

However, all three of these prices are the same as they were for the launch of their S23 counterparts. 

How To Pre-Order The Samsung Galaxy S24?

While some may think Galaxy S24 pre-orders would logically go up on the day of the device's reveal, that is not the case for this particular smartphone. 

Users can already sign up to get their S24 device on Samsung's official website.

Those who pre-register with the intent to purchase an S24 will get a $100 Samsung store credit. 

This pre-registration is not in and of itself a pre-order, but those registering will be the first notified when pre-orders are up assumedly after the Galaxy Unpacked event. 

Galaxy S24 Features to Expect

As reported by the various leaks surrounding the S24, this latest line of Samsung devices looks like it is going to be very similar to that of last year (the S23). 

One place the S24 will seemingly get a major upgrade is with the use of the top-of-the-line Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset - at least in the Ultra model (per Forbes).

This new Snapdragon silicon will serve as the heart of Samsung's latest handset, offering up faster-than-ever speeds and better computational power than ever before. 

Another big jump the S24 looks to be making will come in its integration with Samsung's AI model. 

The tech giant has been pushing "AI for all" in some of its recent marketing materials, including at this year's CES technology convention (via Samsung Newsroom), and seems to be taking that approach with its latest set of phones. 

According to Samsung (per News Nation), the Galaxy S24 family of devices will be "powered by AI," with machine learning being used in every facet of the device. 

So, while the S24 may look similar to last year's phones from the outside, this deep integration with AI will seemingly differentiate the device's software experience from anything released by Samsung before. 

The Samsung Galaxy S24 is expected to be revealed on Wednesday, January 17 at 1:00 p.m. ET. 

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