Is a God of War Movie Releasing In 2024? New Speculation Explained

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Kratos in God of War

There is rampant speculation swirling online regarding a possible God of War movie which fans believe is set for release in 2024.

God of War's Movie/TV Future Explained

YouTuber Foxstar Media released trailers for a supposed God of War movie adaptation that is said to be released soon, with many fans convinced it will arrive in theaters in 2024.

The trailers seem to feature Dwayne Johnson as the leading character Kratos, with Sony Pictures and Santa Monica Studio supposedly teaming up to bring the character to life from the PlayStation video game series.

While these trailers have been debunked as fake and there are no plans for a God of War movie to debut in 2024, fans should still get excited for an on-screen adaptation of God of War in the near future. 

In early 2022, Amazon Prime Video was negotiating for the rights to adapt the series into an episodic live-action series, which would have been based on the 2018 reboot/sequel of the beloved game franchise (via Deadline). 

The series was ordered in 2022 and set to be co-produced by Sony Pictures Television and Amazon Studios in association with PlayStation Productions. 

Deadline later confirmed Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby as the show's writers with Rafe Judkins serving as the showrunner, following Kratos after exiling himself from Ancient Greece and retiring in the Norse realm of Midgard.

IGN confirmed at Sony's CES 2024 press conference that writing was underway on this new series, although there was no update on when it could be released.

There was also a God of War movie in development from the Mosaic Group production company, which was announced in 2005 (per IGN and Variety), but it was eventually scrapped. 

Producer Charles Roven highlighted the franchise's "great potential for large-screen production" at the time, expressing his excitement to make the film, which would have been distributed by Universal:

"We've been enthralled by this project since our first time playing the game in March and realized its narrative had great potential for large-screen production.

Sony Santa Monica's director of product development John Hight (via UGO) confirmed a script had been written in 2010, but there had been no further development otherwise:

"I don't believe anything other than a script has transpired at this stage. I think as part of the agreement that (the movie studio) is supposed to (consult us), so if we hear something, than we'll know. But at this point and in the past two years, we've heard nothing."

The Hollywood Reporter later revealed in 2012 that Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan were hired to rewrite that script, following up on executive producer David Self's work.

Dunstan then told Crave Online in 2013 that there was a new script he had turned in, telling fans he could not wait for them to see it and describing the movie as "a lightning strike:"

"'God of War' was turned in last week, and by god, the reason I cannot wait for you guys to see that is because yes. Yes, the door was left wide open to be bold, and that is why that movie… I really hope it sees the light of day and comes out charging, because it’s a lightning strike."

However, a Sony spokesperson told The New York Times in 2021 that there were never plans for a God of War movie to be developed, crushing many fans' hopes.

The God of War TV series is currently in the early stages of development.

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