Walking Dead Actor Norman Reedus Fuels Ghost Rider Rumors on Social Media

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Norman Reedus Ghost Rider Marvel MCU

As Marvel Studios brings more new characters into the MCU's Phase 4, fan casts for certain characters are growing exponentially more popular on social media. Most recently, one fan-casting that's often been discussed features The Walking Dead star Norman Reedus taking on the role of Johnny Blaze, better known as the fiery anti-hero Ghost Rider.

Ghost Rider is currently a hot topic, as the character is often included in the group of potential new MCU arrivals courtesy of next month's Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Nicolas Cage has firmly denied the rumors that he will return as the flame-skulled, bike-riding warrior, but considering how close Marvel is keeping that film to its vest, nothing can be taken off the table.

As for the MCU's core version of Ghost Rider, there are no signs pointing to who will play the role or when he will come into play, although rumors from 2020 teased a project for the character being in development. Reedus hasn't shied away from the idea of bringing Johnny Blaze into the MCU himself - a trend he kept up recently in a new social media post.

Norman Reedus Adds Wood to Ghost Rider Fire

In his Instagram stories, The Walking Dead star Norman Reedus shared a piece of fan art depicting him in a Ghost Rider-style image.

Reedus is seen riding a large motorcycle, as the picture uses mostly likely one of his promotional images from his role as Daryl Dixon on The Walking Dead. The bike's front wheel is also on fire as he rides over what appear to be dead bodies, bringing in Marvel's Ghost Rider as an influence for the look:

Norman Reedus, Ghost Rider

Will Norman Reedus Join the MCU?

Actors campaigning to play a role with Marvel Studios is nothing new, as seen by Shang-Chi star Simu Liu almost four years ago. As for where the MCU is in 2022, Norman Reedus seems more than ready to wield the flaming chain as the franchise's next Ghost Rider, even with no set plans to bring him in yet.

Reedus has spoken often about wanting to take on the MCU's Ghost Rider, although he admitted that no official progress had been made toward that goal as of a couple of months ago. This also isn't the first time he's shared fan art depicting him as the widely-popular anti-hero, indicating that it's something he's comfortable having on his radar publicly.

While Ghost Rider isn't officially in the MCU's plans yet, there is an avenue opening up for his potential arrival. Moon Knight's Oscar Isaac has spoken about how he'd like to team up with the hero eventually, and with other dark properties like Mahershala Ali's Blade on the way, Ghost Rider's inclusion seems almost inevitable.

As fans look to the MCU's future post-2023, Norman Reedus as Ghost Rider will unquestionably remain an intriguing topic with posts like this one.

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