Full Cast of Frybread Face and Me on Netflix: Every Main Actor & Character In New Movie (Photos)

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The new Frybread Face and Me film streaming on Netflix includes over 10 main cast members.

The coming-of-age drama follows a San Diego child sent to visit his Navajo grandmother on the Arizona reservation for the summer, forging a meaningful connection with his cousin during the stay.

Frybread Face and Me premiered at South by Southwest and screened at the 2023 Toronto International Film Festival before ultimately debuting on Netflix on November 24 following a limited theatrical release. 

Directed and written by Billy Luther, Frybread Face and Me features a cast including Keir Tallman, Charley Hogan, Sarah H. Natani, Martin Sensmeier, and Kahara Hodges.

Every Main Actor & Character in Netflix's Frybread Face and Me

Keir Tallman - Benny

Keir Tallman as Benny in Frybread Face and Me
Keir Tallman

Keir Tallman is a child actor with previous acting credits in Walker: Independence and the short film, Remember.

Benny is one of the leading characters in Frybread Face and Me, going to Arizona for the summer on a path of self-discovery and appreciation for his family.

Charley Hogan - Frybread Face

Charley Hogan as Frybread Face in Frybread Face and Me
Charley Hogan

This is Charley Hogan's first acting credit as Frybread Face or "Fry" for short. She is the cousin of Benny who lives on the Arizona Reservation. 

Their relationship is at the heart of the movie and the reason for the title of Frybread Face and Me.

Sarah H. Natani - Grandma

Sarah H. Natani as Grandma in Frybread Face and Me
Sarah H. Natani

Sarah H. Natani doesn't have any major acting credits before Frybread Face and Me but will be in a supporting role as Grandma.

She's the grandmother of the leading two cousins and plays a part in Benny's appreciation of his heritage.

Martin Sensmeier - Marvin

Martin Sensmeier as Marvin in Frybread Face and Me
Martin Sensmeier

Martin Sensmeier is best known for his roles in the film The Magnificent Seven and the television series, Yellowstone, and its prequel, 1883, showcasing his versatility as an actor in both blockbuster movies and popular TV dramas.

Marvin is a farmer and bull rider in Frybread Face and Me on the Arizona reservation where Benny visits.

Kahara Hodges - Aunt Lucy

Kahara Hodges as Aunt Lucy in Frybread Face and Me
Kahara Hodges

Kahara Hodges has previously been seen in one episode of the TV series, Rutherford Falls. She was also in the "One World" music video which featured the Navajo tribe that is also present in  Frybread Face and Me.

Morningstar Angeline - Ann

Morningstar Angeline as Ann in Frybread Face and Me
Morningstar Angeline

Morningstar Angeline has had appearances in Outer Range and Seeds

Angeline is a Navajo, Chippewa, Blackfeet, Shoshone, and Latin actor and filmmaker now taking on the role of Ann in Frybread Face and Me.

Leilani Taliaferro - Ida

Leilani Taliaferro as Ida in Frybread Face and Me
Leilani Taliaferro

Prior to Frybread Face and Me, Leilani Taliaferro has been seen in Klown Forever and one episode of the TV series, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Nasheen Sleuth - Aunt Sharon

Nasheen Sleuth as Aunt Sharon in Frybread Face in Me
Nasheen Sleuth

Nasheen Sleuth has been in a few other projects such as Fukry and Chasing the Light.

In Frybread Face and Me, Sleuth plays Aunt Sharon to Benny as he learns more about his family on the Arizona reservation.

Jeremiah Bitsui - Uncle Roger

Jeremiah Bitsui as Uncle Roger in Frybread Face and Me
Jeremiah Bitsui

Jeremiah Bitsui has been seen in several TV shows like Better Call Saul, Breaking Bad, Dark Winds, and an episode of Yellowstone.

Uncle Roger plays an important role in the journey of Benny and Fry as they grow a strong friendship over the course of the summer.

Nataani Nez Means - Frank

Nataani Nez Means as Frank in Frybread Face and Me
Nataani Nez Means

Prior to playing Frank in Frybread Face and Me, Nataani Nez Means has been in a few films, including Cowboy Up and Drunktown's Finest.

Sunny Dooley - Navajo Doctor

Sunny Dooley as Navajo Doctor in Frybread Face and Me
Sunny Dooley

Sunny Dooley was raised on the Navajo reservation and won the Miss Navajo Nation title in 1982. In addition to her achievements in preserving Navajo traditions, she plays the doctor in Frybread Face and Me.

Frybread Face and Me is streaming now on Netflix.

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