'From' Show Season 3 Gets Official Release Window

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Harold Perrineau as Boyd Stevens in From series

The official teaser trailer for From Season 3 gave fans a release window for the new episodes.

The sci-fi horror series from MGM+ revolves around a mysterious town that traps those who enter, with its inhabitants striving to escape. 

Season 2 aired from April to June 2023, and a third season was confirmed shortly after. 

Updates on the return of the show have been scarce, but actor Harold Perrineau, who plays Boyd Stevens, hinted at an imminent announcement regarding Season 3 and assured fans they won't be disappointed.

When Does From Season 3 Come Out?

From, Season 3

The official teaser trailer for From Season 3 confirmed a vague Fall 2024 release window.

This comes as no surprise as filming for Season 3 of From commenced in December 2023. 

The Season 3 trailer shows a change of seasons within the world and the continued hardship that Boyd Stevens tackles, teasing that "The Nightmare" will continue.

It's also being speculated that the woman screaming in the trailer is Fatima, who may be giving birth.

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What Will Happen in From Season 3?

As From enters its third season, viewers anticipate the unraveling of key mysteries, including the significance of the cicadas in the narrative. 

The dramatic climax of Season 2, where Tabitha's (Catalina Sandino Moreno) fate hangs in the balance after a harrowing incident involving the Boy in White, promises an escalation of tension and suspense in Season 3, hinting at an even more intense storyline.

During the Season 2 finale, Donna finds Randall alive but in a coma like Julie and Mari, prompting Sara to reveal to Boyd that he inadvertently released the entity responsible for their plight. 

Boyd, Sara, and Kenny search for the music box, crucial to defeating the entity, but find only ruins. 

Inspired by Ellis's words, Boyd returns to the ruins and destroys the music box, freeing the prisoners from their comas. 

Meanwhile, Jade discovers ominous chanting in the tunnels, and Tabitha is pushed out of a window by the Boy in White. She awakens in a hospital, realizing she escaped to the outside world.

Heading into Season 3, star Harold Perrineau confirmed to TV Insider that he doesn't believe Tabitha is dead:

"Look, I’m always up for whatever, whatever games John [Griffin], Jack [Bender], and Jeff [Pinker] have to put in my way. I personally, Harold, don’t think that she’s dead. I think that she found the exit like there’s a sliver, it’s a thing, it’s somewhere."

He also hinted at a potential Season 4, as he points out in the show, "anytime you get close, some new things show up:"

"And I think that the journey in Season 3 is going to be to find that exit and can we get everybody through it? That might be [Seasons] 3 and 4, I don’t know. Because as you see, anytime you get close, some new things show up. And so I think for Boyd, the question of Tabitha is going to be a real question."

Perrineau said in Season 2, "there was no time to talk," but in Season 3, "they’re going to start trying to figure out what happened:"

"Like, once everybody gets to talking, which they will — there was no time to talk in Season 2, because things just kept happening. She’s seeing the kids. Jade [David Alpay] is still having what he’s having. Victor [Scott McCord] keeps breaking down and trying to figure it out. Boyd’s mind is going in and out. I think when they get a second to talk because Tabitha will probably be gone, I imagine that they’re going to start trying to figure out what happened."

Finally, he mentioned Scott McCord's Victor as being "really, really instrumental" this season but persists that he doesn't "know anything, and I don’t ask for anything. So this is just me trying to put pieces together as a fan:

"Victor’s probably going to be really, really instrumental in whatever that is because he’s kind of the only person who’s seen two people go to that tower. Again, I don’t know anything, and I don’t ask for anything. So this is just me trying to put pieces together as a fan."

From Seasons 1 and 2 are streaming now on MGM+.

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