From Avengers to Star Wars? The Russo Brothers Really Want to Work in the Galaxy Far, Far Away

By Andrew Gilman Updated:
Russo brothers, lightsabers

It's unquestionable that Star Wars has had a profound impact on the lives of several generations. Children who grew up on the original films are now making the new ones, with the prequel generation on the rise as well. In time, the kids of today will be making the Star Wars projects of tomorrow.

Since Disney acquired Lucasfilm and several Star Wars films and TV series have either released or are in development, countless film industry professionals have voiced their willingness to take on a project in the beloved space fantasy franchise.

Regardless of opinions on their final products, J.J. Abrams and Rian Johnson have talked at great length about the impact Star Wars has had on their lives. Jon Favreau's primary mandate for directors joining The Mandalorian was that they had to be Star Wars fans. A pair of very popular directors do happen to be fans, and they hope to get the chance to work on a Star Wars project as well...


During an exclusive interview with ComicBookMovie , Joe and Anthony Russo said they would love to someday work in the Star Wars universe. The duo, known for their films in the MCU, had this to say about the prospect of telling a story in the galaxy, far, far away:

"It's an amazing world. Certainly, at some point, it would be exciting to play in that sandbox, but I think there's a lot of stories being told in right now, and there's a lot of great filmmakers working in it at the moment."


The Russo brothers have said several times that Star Wars was an enormous part of their childhoods, with The Empire Strikes Back serving as their greatest inspiration. For those who've seen the brothers' MCU films, this should come as no surprise - Star Wars is referenced several times in their works, most notably when Peter Parker devises a plan to emulate the Battle of Hoth in Captain America: Civil War.

Last year, the brothers spent a day at Lucasfilm and appeared on the YouTube series The Star Wars Show , so it's conceivable that they've had conversations with Kathleen Kennedy about taking on a project. Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige will be producing a Star Wars film at some point in the future, which could be the perfect opportunity to bring his MCU collaborators into the fray. At the moment there appears to be nothing imminent on the horizon, but we will watch the brothers' careers with great interest.

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