Watch Fast & Furious 10 Online: First 6 Minutes Released for Free

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Vin Diesel and Jason Momoa, Fast and Furious

Fans can now watch the first six minutes of Fast X online for free! 

The latest entry into Vin Diesel's Fast and Furious franchise has finally raced into theaters, albeit to a little less fanfare than may have been expected.  

Fast X marks the beginning of the end of the Fast series of films, this time dipping back into one of the most beloved entries into the franchise, Fast Five, thanks to new villain Dante Reyes (the son of Fast Five big bad Hernan Reyes) played by Jason Momoa.

This meant the film featured a number of flashbacks to the fifth entry in the series, superimposing Momoa's Brazillian crime boss into scenes he was never originally in. 

Watch the Fast X Opening For Free

On the eve of Fast X's digital release, the first six minutes of the film have been released online to watch for free.

Fast X 1
Universal Pictures

The movie's opening sequence jumps back ten years, following an alternate angle of the iconic vault heist from Fast Five, providing some backstory to Jason Momoa's Fast 10 villain. 

Fast X 2
Universal Pictures

Momoa's Dante is introduced to audiences as the son of Fast Five antagonist Hernan Reyes, as he vows to kill Vin Diesel's Dom and the family he has assembled. 

Fast X 3
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From there, viewers are thrust into the beloved vault-dragging car chase through Rio De Janeiro with a few new shots interspersed throughout focusing on Momoa's character and what he was doing while Dom, Brian, and the crew committing the heist of the century. 

Fast X 4
Universal Pictures

Paul Walker's Brian O'Conner makes his return in this sequence, thanks to the extensive use of Fast Five footage. 

Fast X 5
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The sequence ends as it does in the original film, with Vin Diesel taking control of the vault alone, but this time around instead of centering on him on a Brazilian bridge, it sees the Fast franchise hero killing Hernan, and cutting to new footage of Momoa being thrust from his vehicle and into the water below. 

Watch the full opening below:

Why Release the Fast X Opening?

Putting out the opening of a movie right around its digital release is something that has become a bit of a trend as of late. 

It allows audiences to have a taste of a new movie before hitting the purchase button on their digital storefront of choice. 

And it feels like this Fast X opening release is very intentional on Universal's part. It is no secret that the latest entry into the Fast franchise did not hit with the bang some may have expected at the ticket window. 

The film suffered from middling reviews and opened to a lean $67 million at the box office. And considering its $340 million budget, Universal is going to do everything it can to juice the Fast X orange as best it can, including releasing the movie on VOD just three weeks after it arrived in theaters.

Given that this opening sequence features footage from one of the most celebrated Fast films, and ends on a cliffhanger of sorts, this is a near-perfect example of the power of releasing these sorts of things can have. 

It is not hard to imagine someone seeing this online and wanting to know what comes next, despite what follows not being the best experience. 

Fast X is now available for purchase on digital storefronts. 

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