Diego Luna Breaks Silence on Fantastic Four Casting Rumors

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Deigo Luna Marvel Fantastic Four

Andor's Diego Luna has addressed the possibility of joining the MCU amid rumors he may be in contention to play Fantastic Four's Reed Richards.

After being introduced to the Star Wars galaxy as Cassian Andor in 2016's Rogue One, Diego Luna recently reprised his Rebel hero in Disney+'s Andor. The prequel adventure proved to be an instant hit with critics and fans, quickly becoming regarded as some of the best content in the sci-fi franchise. 

Part of the acclaim stemmed from Luna's excellent performance, which even recently earned Star Wars its second-ever Golden Globe acting nomination. This has led to plenty of speculation as to what may be next for the actor, and has proven to be the case with most talent lately, the MCU has come into discussion.

Scooper CanWeGetSomeToast previously hinted that Luna may be among the actors in consideration to play Fantastic Four's Reed Richards. And while the actor is currently busy at work on Andor Season 2 - which will be filming until August 2023 - he has addressed the chances of him joining the MCU.

Andor Star Addresses MCU Superhero Chances

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Speaking to Kristian Harloff, Andor star Diego Luna responded to questions regarding whether he would be interested in joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe if the opportunity for a role were to arise.

Luna briefly acknowledged recent rumors that he may be in contention to lead Fantastic Four, calling it "incredible" the number of claims that he becomes entangled in:

"I just like the… I was talking about that this morning like the rumors. When you become part of rumors, half of the rumors were real, you know. It’s just incredible the amount of stuff that I see now out there."

The Andor actor added that he will be "busy" for the next two years, and after that, he will need to figure out what is next for him:

"The only thing I can tell you is that, for the next two years, I’m busy. In two years, we’ll see if what I want to do is even film."

Who Could Diego Luna Play In The MCU?

After the success of Andor and the praise that Diego Luna received for his performance in the series, the star will surely be on Disney's watchlist for other major roles. This could place him in contention for a part in the MCU, maybe even one as significant as the lead of Fantastic Four.

Many will certainly be easily able to see Luna easily pulling off the stretchy hero, even with the significant change that casting a Latin actor would mark from the comics and past iterations. The actor's comments don't necessarily outright shut down rumors he may be in talks for the MCU, but they do raise some questions.

Luna is currently hard at work filming Andor Season 2 and will be until August, and he seems to have commitments in place even after that. If he is already tied up for the next two years, that would take him out of the picture for Fantastic Four, as that will likely film in late 2023 or early 2024 in time for its February 2025 release.

But with the actor commenting on how, after those two years of commitments, he will need to consider if "what [he wants] to do is even film," then any major MCU role like Reed Richards may be off the table. After all, a character such as Mr. Fantastic will require a long-term commitment for many years to come.

Then again, that doesn't mean another MCU role couldn't be in the cards for Luna, possibly one with fewer long-term and time requirements. The actor has previously expressed an aversion to longer projects like that, as he was the catalyst that forced Tony Gilroy to cut Andor from five seasons to just two.

Nonetheless, his comments certainly don't place the Marvel universe out of the discussion for Luna, and it wouldn't be surprising if his name had been thrown around for some characters. Whether that may be a one-off villain, side character, or even a hero, there's a place for every actor in the MCU.

Andor is streaming now, exclusively on Disney+.

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