Anthony Mackie Addresses Season 2 Plans for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

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Anthony Mackie as Sam Wilson, Sebastian Stan as Bucky, Daniel Bruhl as Baron Zemo

While fans are scrambling for answers to major questions from WandaVision, another Disney+ series is set to take center stage in the coming weeks in the form of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier . Set to debut on March 19, the series will follow Anthony Mackie's Sam Wilson alongside Sebastian Stan's Bucky Barnes as the pair sets off on a globetrotting adventure to go against an unknown threat while also tackling the legacy of Captain America along the way.

As the premiere inches closer, the marketing for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier has been ramping up in the past weeks. The cast, mainly Mackie and Stan, is at the forefront of the promotion, with the duo providing more insight into the unlikely friendship between the two characters .

This is on top of the arrival of multiple action-packed trailers that showcase thrilling sequences that pay homage to the vibe of Captain America: The Winter Soldier . Now, another tidbit from Mackie has emerged that may offer clues about the show's future.


While speaking with Variety , Anthony Mackie discussed the potential for a sophomore season of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier .

In the report, Variety shared that the MCU veteran confirmed that there have been no discussions of a second season for the upcoming MCU show. On top of that, it was pointed out that Mackie was also equally unaware of Falcon's theatrical future by the end of the streaming run of the series.


When the slate of Disney+ series under the MCU banner was announced during 2019's San Diego Comic-Con, one of the lingering questions from fans is the shows' potential in exploring multiple seasons. Given that these shows are in the small screen format, this is a noteworthy inquiry, but Mackie's comment appears to suggest that some entries will likely be limited to single-season runs.

This move isn't surprising since the premise of a good chunk of the shows actually leans more on the characters' journey and transformation. For instance, the main focus of WandaVision is Wanda Maximoff's transformation into the Scarlet Witch, and all the episodes in that show are building towards the character's much-anticipated evolution.

The same could be true for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier . It has been heavily teased by the cast and crew that the series' endgame is Sam Wilson's progression as the MCU's new Captain America . If this is the case, then the six-episode run of the show would be a fitting way to showcase the hero's journey, and a second season will not be needed (unless the show ends on a massive cliffhanger, that is).

However, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige did tease that some MCU shows will have multiple seasons . Based on the studio's lineup, What If...? falls under that category while other properties like Ms. Marvel , She-Hulk , and Moon Knight could be given similar treatments. In a way, this strategy works since the aforementioned characters will be given the chance to shine in their own long-form storytelling while also being featured in epic team-up events on the big screen down the road.

Mackie's admission that he is not aware of Falcon's theatrical future makes sense considering that the most plausible property that the character can potentially be featured again is Avengers 5 . Given that the plans are still in flux in terms of the big screen slate of Marvel Studios, this passing comment from the actor could be a hint that discussions are still ongoing.

Whatever the case, it's safe to say that the future of Sam Wilson is bright in the MCU, and it will be interesting to find out where the character ends up next. For now, fans should be glued on Falcon's upcoming journey in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier when it premieres on Disney+ on March 19.

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March 19, 2021
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