Eternals Director Gets Candid About Harry Styles' 'Last Minute' Post-Credits Scene

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Eternals introduced a new batch of interesting characters into the MCU that includes the likes of Gemma Chan's Sersi, Angelina Jolie's Thena, and Kit Harington's Dane Whitman. The Chloé Zhao-directed Marvel movie is a unique entry in the franchise's Phase 4 slate as it focuses on cosmic immortals who have been living on Earth for millennia.

While the film ended on a massive cliffhanger, it still managed to showcase surprises, and one of them was the arrival of Starfox and Pip the Troll in the mid-credits sequence. Former One Direction member Harry Styles portrayed Starfox in the scene, while Agents of SHIELD veteran Patton Oswalt lent his voice to Pip the Troll. 

The pair's arrival meant big things for the Eternals franchise as it sets up an interesting future for the remaining members of the cosmic family. In addition, it also allows a potential sequel to explore more of Thanos' backstory due to Starfox's MCU debut

Now, as the film is breaking records on Disney+, new information about the much-talked-about post-credits scene has emerged.

Eternals' Last Minute Post-Credits Scene

Eternals Pip Troll

In the official audio commentary of the MCU movie, Eternals director Chloé Zhao had an interesting conversation with VFX supervisor Stephane Cerreti about the film's post-credits scene. 

When the mid-credits sequence played in the background, Zhao told Ceretti that the scene was such a "big undertaking" for the crew. Cerreti agreed by saying that it was "a nice little challenge at the last minute:"

Chloé Zhao: "Speaking of last-minute, Pip the Troll, I mean that... That was a big undertaking for you guys as well, our post-credits."

Stephane Ceretti: "It was, yeah. A nice little challenge at the last minute."

Zhao then discussed the process of how the new post-credits scene came to be, revealing that it was during the Canary Islands shoot when she first pitched the idea of introducing Pip the Troll and Eros into the MCU: 

Chloé Zhao: "I sent Steph the script for this new post-credits scene, and he looked at it [and went], 'Pip the Troll? What month is this? When is [the film] coming out?' Back [during] the Canary Islands [shoot] is when I first pitched the idea of Pip the Troll and Eros to [producer] Nate [Moore] and Kevin [Feige]. And then eventually it evolved into this, and I think that is quite exciting."

Stephane Ceretti: "I mean, I remember you talking about it really quickly, but we had no idea where that would go. And then it did happen!"

Harry Styles' Expanded MCU Role

Chloé Zhao's latest comments suggest that Eternals' development was ever-changing during production, thus leading to the "last minute" remark about the post-credits scene. 

Post-credits stingers have been the common staple for MCU movies ever since their debut. Many fans are dedicated to sitting patiently inside the theater to find out what's next for these characters while also honoring the stellar cast and crew of every project.

Eternals' credits sequences were no different. The fact that the film ended on a cliffhanger allowed fans to anticipate the scenes' arrival, thus making it worth the wait. 

It's worth noting that Harry Styles' Starfox was supposed to have scenes during the early parts of the movie, but they ended up on the cutting room floor. Entertainment Weekly revealed in its report that the cut scene shows the Eternals and Eros sitting inside the Domo while communicating with the Celestial Arishem with their eyes closed. 

Based on this reveal, it looks like Zhao still pushed to include Styles' Eros and Pip the Troll in the movie even after the initial scenes were cut.

Zhao may have had initial plans for Eros to have an expanded role in the movie, but it was derailed. Still, a potential sequel could allow the Marvel director to explore more of Eros' backstory and heroic future

Eternals is now streaming on Disney+.

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