Meet Enzo Vogrincic: 4 Things to Know About Society of the Snow Star

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Enzo Vogrincic in Society of the Snow

Enzo Vogrincic has risen to fame thanks to his starring role in Society of the Snow.

Society of the Snow is a recent movie that made its debut at the Venice International Film Festival last September. The film’s story concerns the captivating true tale of the Uruguayan 1972 Andes flight disaster.

Following its run on the festival circuit, Society of the Snow premiered in US theaters on December 22, 2023. It can now be streamed on Netflix.

4 Facts About Society of the Snow’s Enzo Vogrincic

Enzo Vogrincic in Society of the Snow

Actor Enzo Vogrincic, who was born on March 22, 1993, and is now 30 years old, leads the cast of the hit film Society of the Snow. Here are four facts about the Montevideo, Uruguay native that his fans might be interested in knowing:

Enzo Wanted To Be a Spy Before Becoming an Actor

Before breaking into show business, as a young boy, Enzo Vogrincic wanted to work in the field of espionage as a spy, although he never revealed that aspiration to anyone back then (via El País):

“But I didn’t tell anyone, because, of course, good spies never tell. I made up my own stories, so there was already a tendency to get into other worlds.”

At age 15 though, his path was clear. He saw “no other option” for himself beyond being an actor:

“It was clear to me this was it, that there was no other option. I applied to the theater school in Uruguay and got in. And my parents asked me what plan B was, but there wasn’t one. 

He made this choice in the face of the fact that in Uraguay, acting is not always the most lucrative of professions, noting that there, “it is a very small industry” and “not a realistic option:”

“In Uruguay, it is difficult to imagine yourself as a film actor. There are Uruguayan films, of course, but it is a very small industry. It is not a realistic option. Then a short film crops up and you do it, then another one and a whole world opens up for you and you go on doing it, but this profession is very uncertain. You do a project and then nothing happens for months. You’re adrift, unemployed. I’m unemployed now, for example.”

Enzo’s First Major Role Was in Indie Film Nine

The actor’s first prominent acting job was in an independent film entitled Nine, which is a Uruguayan-Argentine sports movie that was released in 2021.

For the role, Enzo Vogrincic told El País he was able to draw inspiration from his father who was a footballer much like the one Vogrincic portrayed in the film:

“It was actually something that had happened to me. My dad was a footballer and he put me on the pitch from the age of four until the age of 12, then watching the film he understood me. It was cathartic. I learn from the luck. I believe those of us who dedicate ourselves to this, end up concluding that it is all down to luck because there is no other explanation. But I always felt luck to be very much a part of my life.”

Enzo Gained and Lost a Lot of Weight for Society of the Snow Role

For his breakout performance in Society of the Snow, Enzo Vogrincic was required to gain and lose a significant amount of weight to convincingly play his character Numa Turcatti. 

The part had Vogrincic weighing in at 154 pounds at the beginning of filming and the performer’s body weight dwindled to just 103 lbs as production rolled along. About the process, he said that after a while he saw this as a challenge and “began to enjoy it” (via The Hollywood Reporter):

“It was a very gradual process and very well controlled and supervised, but it was difficult to sustain [the low weight]. But me and the other actors began to enjoy it. We became competitive: After filming we would get back to where we were staying, and we’d go for a run or go to the gym. It became about who can lose the most weight?”

Star Wars Fans Want Enzo to Play a Young Kylo Ren

Fans of A Galaxy Far, Far Away have noticed a resemblance between Enzo Vogricic and Star Wars Sequel Trilogy actor Adam Driver. Because of this, many have suggested Vogrincic for the part of a younger version of Driver’s character Kylo Ren

Vogrincic addressed these fan desires in an interview with Mundo Vengador, in which the actor echoed the calls for him to portray Ren and that he’d love to meet Adam Driver in person someday.

Enzo Vogrincic can be seen on Instagram at the handle vogrincicenzo.

Society of the Snow is available for streaming exclusively on Netflix.

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