New Emilia Clarke Video Sparks Theories About Her Potential Star Wars Return

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Emilia Clarke, Star Wars

Solo: A Star Wars Story star Emilia Clarke recently caused fan theories to run wild that her character, Qi'ra, could return to the galaxy far, far away.

As of writing, Clarke only has one acting credit in the world of Star Wars, but many fans have expressed their desire for her to return sooner rather than later.

However, Clarke's character, Qi'ra, has been featured in other mediums such as comic books and novels, proving that the franchise may have more stories to tell regarding her.

Her return was even teased at one point to be in the MandoVerse, as The Mandalorian writer Jon Favreau is apparently "a big fan of" the Solo film.

Did Emilia Clarke Just Spoil Her Star Wars Return?

Emilia Clarke, Star Wars
Star Wars

In a snippet from a Secret Invasion interview shared to Twitter by @mcuwaititi, Emilia Clarke was asked by MCU co-star Ben Mendelsohn if she would ever "revisit [her] Star Wars character."

Clarke then looked away from Mendelsohn and stuttered over her words, saying, "Well, you know what... Um..."

Mendelsohn, who clearly saw that the question caught her off guard, then threw the attention back onto himself by laughing and saying, "Let me take this question. I've got this question."

Clarke then burst out into laughter as well and said that she's "not allowed" due to her role in "Marvel." 

Fans that saw the video were quick to theorize that Clarke was trying to hide something, and many even suggested that she is already slated for a return and was worried about spoiling it.

@Hereth_edits replied to the tweet, pointed out the camera cut after Clarke said "Um...," and even suggested that the actress may have "blurted something they had cut out:"

"Also it’s the hidden cut for me. Look at the way that Ben Mendelsohn steps in after the 'um.' It makes me think there must have been either a really awkward long pause or she blurted something they had cut out."

Another fan, @nasyalenzky, stated that Clarke may be taking the Andrew Garfield approach to dodge questions:

"She went to the Andrew Garfield school of lying wait."

Some fans, such as @Ky1eKatarn, are now positive that Clarke will be returning to Star Wars due to her reaction to the question:

"Oh Qi'ra is SO coming back."

@snifflegully even suggested that the Game of Thrones star may return in the Star Wars Outlaws video game:

"Thinking 'Outlaws'… since it was Lucasfilm’s idea to set the game between ESB and ROTJ, and Ubisoft also said that Lucasfilm advised them on characters they could possibly bring into the story…"

Another fan, @DJohnBrown, also jumped on board the Outlaws train and added that Disney and Lucasfilm may still be developing the TV series centered around Crimson Dawn:

"Oh! Gotta be #StarWarsOutlaws? Right?! Or maybe that rumoured Maul/Crimson Dawn series is quietly being worked on? Did suspect that might be the animated show to replace Bad Batch when it’s done…"

@camandfilm pitched the idea that Clarke could be in Donald Glover's Lando series on Disney+:

"It’s because they’ve called her back to be in the 'Lando' show TRUST."

Even though many fans took Clarke's response as a clue that she is returning, @Aclippinger suggested that the actress may have not enjoyed her time playing Qi'ra and "didn't want to talk shit" publicly:

"Lotta Star Wars accounts suggesting this clip is proof that a character is returning to Star Wars and not maybe an actress hated doing a role and didn't want to talk shit in an interview."

Will Emilia Clarke Come Back to Star Wars?

As many pointed out, Emilia Clarke's sudden reaction to Ben Mendelsohn's question does seem to suggest that she knows something about a potential Star Wars return.

However, the counterpoint that she may not have liked being a part of the franchise could also hold true. If that were the case, though, it seems more likely that she would have just briefly said no and then turned the question to how much she has enjoyed Marvel to get the heat off of Star Wars.

Even though Clarke only appeared in one Star Wars movie, many fans quickly fell in love with her character and wanted to see more of her in the future.

The end of Solo definitely teased that there is more story to tell regarding Qi'ra, Crimson Dawn, and Darth Maul. So if she were to return, it would likely be in something centered around the crime syndicate. 

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