Elizabeth Olsen's Wanda & Anthony Mackie's Captain America Featured In New Hyundai/Disney+ Promos

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Originally, Black Widow was set to open Marvel's Phase 4 slate. Of course, it never got that privilege as it still hasn't been seen by the world. Instead, fans got to experience an entirely different start to the post-Endgame/Far From Home world.

That was none other than Marvel's brand-new foray into streaming via Disney+. Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige got to shape his plan and weave it through an entirely different medium. Needless to say, it's going very well.

All three of the shows that have now aired - WandaVision, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and Loki - have pulled in phenomenal numbers and have all been received well by fans and critics alike. In fact, Loki just became Disney+'s best performing series premiere of all time.

While one would think that would be enough for Marvel, it isn't, and its aim for more exposure continues. 


WandaVision Falcon and Winter Soldier

Disney and Hyundai have released brand-new promos showcasing some fans' biggest Marvel heroes taking the wheel. 

The first promotional clip posted by Twitter user @NacaoMarvel showcases Anthony Mackie's Captain America saving a civilian from a robber while saying a snarky one-liner: "Why do we say heads up if we really mean duck?"

Next, fans can see Elizabeth Olsen's Scarlet Witch as the promo, posted by Twitter user @LizzieContent, takes advantage of WandaVision's beginning black and white aesthetic, leading to everything becoming colorized. Olsen has her own one-liner before all the color shifts, spouting "Why do we call it the golden age of television if it's all in black and what?

The final promo, released last week via the official Loki Twitter account, shows Tom Hiddleston's Loki as he jumps from place to place—Tesseract in hand. Of course, he gets his own one-line just like his enemies: "If you're living on borrowed time, do you have to return it?"

As many have likely noticed, each promo centers around Hyuandi's slogan of "Question everything. We do."

All three of the featured shows are streaming on Disney+.


Marvel and its partnership with various car companies have been a longstanding thing for the MCU. Starting all the way with the now-classic Audi R8 in the Iron Man films and branching out to brands like Lexus, Acura, and Chevrolet, it's certainly not something new.

What would be great is if every single Disney+ show from this point on got to have its own one-liner promo. Maybe even the movies can tag along for the fun. 

For those looking to continue with Marvel's journey on Disney+, Loki is currently streaming on Disney+ with new episodes releasing every Wednesday.

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