EA NCAA 2024 College Football Game Release, News & Everything We Know

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EA Sports NCAA Football 2024

This is everything known about Electronic Arts (EA) Sports' 2024 revival of NCAA Football on the Xbox, PS5, and PC.

In early 2021, EA Sports revealed the comeback of the NCAA Football series, now named EA Sports College Football

The initial release stated the game would feature authentic elements such as uniforms, stadiums, traditions, and more from over 100 NCAA-affiliated sports teams. 

Following the NCAA Football series ending after its 2013 release due to a legal dispute related to using athlete name, image, and likeness (NIL) in the game, it was ground-shaking news to hear the fan-favorite game was coming back.

With the release on the horizon, here's a look at all the updates to EA Sports College Football in 2024.

Is the EA NCAA Football Game Canceled?

EA NCAA Football 2014 box art

In June 2023, The Brandr Group (TBG) filed a lawsuit against EA Sports, alleging that the video game company's group licensing agreement with OneTeam Partners breached TBG's contracts with schools and its exclusive or preferred group licensing rights for players.

Luckily, a settlement between two major collegiate sports licensing firms resolved a significant obstacle for EA Sports' revival of its college football series.

EA's collaboration with OneTeam Partners involved a $500 payment to players for their name, image, and likeness, excluding royalties. 

Despite TBG's concerns about exclusion and undervaluation, the parties have reached a settlement leading to the withdrawal of TBG's lawsuit against EA Sports.

When Will the EA NCAA College Football Game Release?

EA NCAA Football 2011 Xbox 360 box art

During and after the lawsuit, many wondered whether the NCAA Football revival would make its 2024 release.

In an official statement from EA Sports following the lawsuit, the game studio confirmed that EA Sports College Football is coming "in Summer 2024:"

"We’re pleased to move on from these claims and look forward to delivering EA Sports College Football in Summer 2024."

Typically, the previous era of NCAA Football games would be released on the second Tuesday of July. 

However, a new trend appears imminent. According to Florida Gators insider David Waters, EA Sports College Football's release date will be Friday, July 12. 

Sometime in either July or August is almost certain before college football's "Week Zero" begins on Saturday, August 24.

Will College Player Names Be In NCAA Football 2024?

EA NCAA Football 2011 PS2 box art

For those familiar with Pasta Padre, there may no longer be a need to upload all the college football players' names onto EA Sports College Football.

A part of the previously mentioned statement by EA following The Brandr Group lawsuit, "likeness rights" were specifically mentioned.

EA explained that their "focus continues to be on directly licensing individual college athlete name and likeness rights through an opt-in program:"

"We are pleased that BrandR has decided to withdraw their claims without any payment from EA. We’ve been clear from the beginning that this suit had no merit. Our focus continues to be on directly licensing individual college athlete name and likeness rights through an opt-in program that will give college athletes the choice if they want to be in our game."

In short, some names will be there, while others will not. It could make for some awkward-looking roster with half the actual names being present, but it's better than the previous NCAA Football situation.

Will Dynasty Mode Return in NCAA Football 2024?

EA NCAA Football 2012 box art

Dynasty Mode is one of the most beloved aspects of the original NCAA Football. The in-game mode allows players to oversee on-field and off-field activities related to managing a college football program.

Many will be elated to hear that Dynasty Mode is reportedly being developed as the "flagship game mode" for the upcoming EA Sports College Football.

This information comes via Extra Points insider Matt Brown, who posted, "[Dynasty Mode] is where a LOT of the energy is being spent on development right now:"

"EA Sources told me again that the 'flagship game mode for EA Sports College Football is Dynasty Mode.' This is where a LOT of the energy is being spent on development right now. They want to get that mode right."

Many believe Dynasty was one the best elements of NCAA Football, creating a more immersive game mode than Madden's Franchise offering.

Is Road to Glory Coming Back in NCAA Football 2024?

EA NCAA Football 2011 PS3 box art

Another NCAA Football classic is the player-focused Road to Glory mode, which lets gamers guide a single player's progression from high school to a potential Heisman Trophy candidate. 

According to Game Rant, Road to Glory will return in 2024's EA Sports College Football. 

Road to Glory typically lets players create a character and navigate a four-year college football career, aiming to become a campus legend by gaining reputation points through on-field achievements and off-field management. 

Expect EA Sports College Football to be released in July 2024.

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