Dune 2's First Trailer Released at CinemaCon

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As part of its CinemaCon 2023 presentation, Warner Bros. provided a first look at this year's Dune: Part Two with a look at a brand-new trailer.

Following up on the efforts of 2021's Dune, which came as part of Warner Bros.' massive round of dual releases during the pandemic, Dune 2 looks to expand mightily on the epic story established by director Denis Villeneuve.

With filming having wrapped for the sequel before the end of 2022, viewers are now looking forward to seeing what Warner Bros. and Villeneuve have in store for the anticipated return to the deserts of Arrakis.

And considering how many new locations are in store for the expansion of this highly-praised literary adaptation, getting a first look at footage is high on many fans' lists, even considering how many huge blockbusters are releasing this year.

Dune 2's First Trailer Released

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Per Variety, Warner Bros. released the first trailer for Dune: Part Two exclusively for fans at CinemaCon, revealing the first footage from the movie.

Florence Pugh is seen for the first time in her role as Princess Irulan before Timothée Chalamet's Paul Atreides rides a giant sandworm in the middle of the Arrakis desert. Chalamet revealed at the convention that the sandworm itself is completely practical.

ComicBookMovie shared more full details on what was seen in the trailer.

Paul and Chani are seen early in the footage talking about swimming while they're in the sand dunes together. As noted by Deadline, Paul asks his love interest to conjure up the image of water in her mind: “It’s breathtaking, just imagine water.” Rebecca Ferguson's Lady Jessica is quickly shown afterward.

The trailer reveals that Pugh's Princess Irulan is part of the political game as she talks about the secrets that lie within Arrakis still:

“In the shadow of Arrakis lies many secrets, but the darkness to all of that is what remains.” 

The princess of House Corrino then ponders: "What if Paul Atreides was still alive?"

Elvis star Austin Butler debuts as Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen with a crazy look on his face. DiscussingFilm's Andrew Salazar detailed that he looked "completely bald and pale" and added details such as "extremely menacing and almost monstrous."

Javier Bardem returns from the original Dune as Stilgar with a look of shock, and there are a couple of scenes that follow him shown completely in black and white.

Later, Zendaya's Chani is seen sharing a kiss with Chalamet as Chani says "You will never lose me, Paul Atreides."

Another line of dialogue says "We gave them something to hope for" before Chalamet and Butler do battle with one another with their knives.

DiscussingFilm shared information from the presentation as well, noting that Dune 2 picks up immediately from where its predecessor left off.

When Will Dune 2 Footage Release Publicly?

Dune 2 is already one of the most anticipated big-screen movies of 2023, with many expecting it to perform well at the box office after the original movie didn't get a fair shot due to extreme extenuating circumstances.

And with this sequel featuring such an impressive cast of A-listers from other franchises like the MCU, the DCU, and more, that star power has many looking for this film to succeed with critics as well as at the box office.

Considering Dune 2 is still more than half a year from its release, fans may have to wait a while longer for this footage or a completely new trailer to release to the public. Warner Bros. could tie the release of Dune: Part Two's trailer with another release, like the upcoming The Flash in June or even Barbie in July.

Even with the sequel releasing so close in proximity to other major entries such as The Marvels, Kraven the Hunter, and Disney's Wish, this universe will have a chance to stand apart from the crowd if the hype continues to build from here.

Dune: Part Two debuts in theaters on November 3.

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