Is 'Dumb and Dumber Returns' Real or Fake? New Movie Speculation Explained

By Richard Nebens Updated:
Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels in Dumb & Dumber

A recently published marketing piece for a Dumb & Dumber sequel (titled Dumb & Dumber Returns) has fans speculating on whether the film is real or fake.

Is Dumb & Dumber Returns Real or Fake?

A new trailer is going viral on YouTube, teasing the release of a third Dumb & Dumber (which would be titled Dumb & Dumber Returns).

The trailer teases Jim Carrey's Lloyd Christmas, sending a message to Jeff Daniels' Harry Dunne that he is dying from a lung disease. This sets them up for a third wild adventure together.

Dumb & Dumber Returns would see the pair reunite to find a cure for Lloyd, all while engaging in similar shenanigans fans have seen since their first outing in 1994.

Sadly, it is easy to tell that this trailer is fake, as is the movie premise itself.

The footage is taken from past Jim Carrey movies along with both previous Dumb & Dumber films, and fans can see that much of the dialogue does not match what Carrey or Daniels are saying with their mouths.

The trailer also comes from a YouTube channel known for creating fake trailers such as this one.

Will Dumb & Dumber 3 Happen?

The Dumb & Dumber franchise has faced more than its fair share of challenges, with Daniels even noting his agents did not want him to make the original movie in the first place.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter in May, Daniels admitted his biggest motivations for making the first movie were his desires to make a comedy and work with Jim Carrey:

"I had agents, who weren’t wrong, telling me, 'You’re a serious actor. This is not the direction you need to be going. We’re going to stop this and get you off this movie.' But I wanted to shake it up with a comedy. And I wanted to work with Jim Carrey.'

Even he was nervous, as he recalled telling Carrey before the first film's infamous toilet scene that it would "either the beginning of [his] career or the end of it." That scene saw his character deal with extreme digestive problems on the toilet after drinking tea that was spiked with a laxative:

"It’s one thing to read the toilet scene, but then the day comes and we’re actually going to do the toilet scene. I told Jim, 'This is either the beginning of my career or the end of it.' Jim, who is fearless, told me, 'It’s going to be great. You’ve just got to go all the way with it.'"

Earlier in 2024 while promoting his work on Amazon Prime Video's American Rust: Broken Justice, Daniels told The New York Post that he had not heard anything about a third movie. 

He even joked in the interview that people have "got to stay off the internet" when responding to the rumor that Dumb & Dumber 3 was happening. That rumor initially came from Giant Freakin' Robot, a site known for pushing out rumors about movies coming out regularly.

Daniels even noted that he still talks to Jim Carrey on occasion and that he has "no idea where he is," making it clear that a third film would not happen without Carrey's approval.

"I talk to Jim [Carrey] occasionally. We’re still great friends. I have no idea where he is. None of this happens if Jim doesn’t want it to happen."

Carrey may be winding down his acting career, having teased during the promotional tour for Sonic the Hedgehog 2 that retirement was potentially on the table for him. He's since been confirmed to return as Dr. Robotnik for Sonic the Hedgehog 3, releasing in December. Still, he is not officially set for any other appearances at the time of writing.

All things considered, Dumb & Dumber Returns (or any Dumb & Dumber threequel) does not appear to be in the cards, although fans will surely keep their ears open for more official reports.

Both Dumb & Dumber films are available for purchase and rent through most online retailers, and Dumb & Dumber To is available to stream on Netflix.

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