Full Cast of Don't Look Back 2024 Tubi Movie - Every Main Character & Actor Who Appears (Photos)

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Tubi's Don't Look Back characters

Tubi's newest movie, Don't Look Back, highlights a cast of actors led by Jessica R. Ryan and Don Brumfield Jr.

2024's Don't Look Back tells the story of a divorced woman named Charlie looking for a fresh start as she tries to escape her past. Little does she know, a deranged man enters her life to ruin everything.

Don't Look Back premiered on Tubi on April 14.

Every Main Cast Member of Don't Look Back

Jessica R. Ryan - Charlie

Jessica R. Ryan as Charlie
Jessica R. Ryan

Jessica R. Ryan leads the cast of Don't Look Me Back as Charlie. 

After discovering that her husband is cheating on her, Charlie decides to move forward with divorce. 

Anchored by her desire for a fresh start, Charlie seeks a new romance but finds something else that could endanger her life. 

Ryan is best known for her roles in Crossover, Boss Lady, and Juug Gone Wrong.

Don Brumfield Jr. - Darius

Don Brumfield Jr. as Darius
Don Brumfield Jr.

Darius (played by Don Brumfield Jr.) is Charlie's cheating husband who seems to be not bothered by the fact that he fooled around and hurt his wife. 

During the hearing, Charlie didn't contest the divorce, telling the judge he was just there to support his wife. 

Brumfield Jr. has credits in Street Legal, The Affair, and Asunder the Series

Don Snipes - Jaxon

Don Snipes as Jaxon
Don Snipes

Don Snipes brings Jaxon to life in Don't Look Back

Jaxon is a local landscaper who meets Charlie after her recent move to her new house. Charlie immediately likes Jaxon after seeing his physique and good attitude. 

The pair eventually form a strong bond, with Jax serving as Charlie's party photographer and handyman around the house. 

Jax's aggressive nature toward Charlie is revealed after he forces her to say that she now belongs to him, leading to a tragic series of events. 

Snipes previously appeared in Beautifully Unlayered, Diamond Girls, and Dymez.

Sarah “Chyna” Evalt - Victoria

Sarah “Chyna” Evalt as Victoria
Sarah “Chyna” Evalt

Sarah “Chyna” Evalt's Victoria is one of Charlie's best friends who celebrated after her friend went through with the divorce with Darius. She is also the principal of Charlie's middle school. 

Victoria starts a relationship with Jaxon, which worries Charlie about her welfare because she knows Jaxon is crazy. 

Evalt's most recognizable roles include Justice, The Affair, and Street Legal

Robyn Rose - Diana

Robyn Rose as Diana
Robyn Rose

Robyn Rose portrays Diana, another of Charlie's close friends who is not a fan of her ex-husband, Darius. 

Similar to Charlie, Diana is also a career-driven woman.

Rose is known for her roles in Faithful, Get Paid, and If I Can't.

Hiram Robinson - Cedric

Hiram Robinson as Cedric
Hiram Robinson

Hiram Robinson's Cedric is the only boy in Charlie's tight-knit group of friends. He is also the husband of another of Charlie's friends, Tamia. 

Robinson's past credits include Crush, Obsession, and Confessions

JaCole Tierra - Harper

JaCole Tierra as Harper
JaCole Tierra

JaCole Tierra is part of Don't Look Back's cast as Harper, one of Charlie's best friends. 

She receives high praise from her friends for being the "best CPA in Michigan."

Tierra's notable credits include The Wrong One, Lies & Loyalty, and Justice.

Chiquita Dunham-Parker - Maya

Chiquita Dunham-Parker as Maya
Chiquita Dunham-Parker

Chiquita Dunham-Parker plays Maya, another of Charlie's friends and a real estate agent trying to help Charlie find a new home after the divorce. 

Dunham-Parker has credits in Street Legal, The Affair, and Dance with the Devil

Velda Hunter - Margie

Velda Hunter as Margie
Velda Hunter

Margie (played by Velda Hunter) is Charlie's aunt known for her delicious meals. 

She gathers Charlie's friends for a dinner that turns into chaos after a series of arguments over Jaxon. 

Hunter previously appeared in Justice, Obsession, and Cut Throat.

Ro Spit - James

Ro Spit as James
Ro Spit

Ro Spit's James is Jaxon's abusive father who appears in a flashback showing his traumatic childhood. 

Ro Spit, whose real name is Sir Roland Spiterature, is a DJ and an actor known for his other notable appearances in Tubi's Justice and A Lonely Place to Die.

Fancy Jones - Marie

Fancy Jones as Marie
Fancy Jones

Marie is Jaxon's mother who killed his father after verbally abusing her during an argument. The character is played by Fancy Jones. 

In a shocking twist, Jax killed his mother after she murdered her husband. 

Jones is known for her roles in All About a Check, Corruption, and Lies & Loyalty

Jevon Long - Detective Wright

Jevon Long asDetective Wright
Jevon Long 

Jevon Long appears in 2024's Don't Look Back as Detective Wright. 

Detective Wright spearheads the investigation of Victoria's death (with Jax as the main suspect). 

Long's notable credits include 3rd Degree, Daddy I Love Him, and On Da Run.

Catherine Martinez - Detective Bryant

Catherine Martinez as Detective Bryant
Catherine Martinez

Another detective working on the case of Victoria's death is Catherine Martinez as Detective Bryant. 

Martinez has credits in Boss Lady and Spunky Airlines.

Sonia Renee Miller - Attorney Renee Marks

Sonia Renee Miller as Attorney Renee Marks
Sonia Renee Miller

Sonia Renee Miller appears in Don't Look Back as Attorney Renee Marks, the lawyer representing Charlie Carter during the hearing for her divorce against her husband, Darius. 

Miller is an actress and producer known for her roles in He Said She Said, Indictment: Who is Jonathan Carter?, and Love Is Not Enough

Tonja “Tete” Brown - Judge Salters

Tonja “Tete” Brown as Judge Salters
Tonja “Tete” Brown

Tonja “Tete” Brown stars as Judge Salters, the judge presiding over the divorce hearing between Charlie and Darius. 

Seeing the situation, Judge Salters admitted that the married couple was not ready for divorce, but she eventually granted it after seeing that they hated each other. 

Brown can be seen in Justice, The Serial Cheater, and If I Can't

Martina Motley - Sharon

Martina Motley as Sharon
Martina Motley

Martina Motley's Sharon is one of Charlie's workmates who keeps teasing her after receiving flowers from an unknown sender. 

Motely has credits in Ear 2 Ear, Love Amongst Friends, and Dance with the Devil

Talia Lewis - Danielle

Talia Lewis as Danielle
Talia Lewis

Talia Lewis plays Danielle, Charlie's receptionist at her law firm. Dani teases that the flowers could've been from Darius, theorizing that he might want her back.

Don't Look Back is Lewis' only major acting credit. 

Jerimiah Hardy - Little Jaxon

Jerimiah Hardy as Little Jaxon
Jerimiah Hardy

Jerimiah Hardy stars as the younger version of Jaxon in the 2024 movie. 

Little Jaxon appears in a flashback showcasing more of his traumatic childhood with his father.

Don't Look Back is Hardy's first major acting credit.

Don't Look Back is now streaming on Tubi. 

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