Did Charlize Theron Just Tease Doctor Strange 3? Clea Star Says She ‘Has Some Work to Do’

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While Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness brought a boatload of cameos from across the MCU landscape, the biggest may have come in the film’s first post-credits scene with Oscar-winner Charlize Theron.

The South African star had been rumored to be part of the cast for a few months in the role of Clea, an important part of Doctor Strange’s mythos from the comics before she officially embodied the role in the movie. Even though she only had a couple of lines, Clea slashed open a gateway to her home in the Dark Dimension before jumping in with Strange, setting up a new adventure that would likely be shown on screen in Doctor Strange 3.

Of course, amongst so many other movies and TV shows confirmed for development in the Multiverse Saga, Doctor Strange 3 hasn’t been confirmed by anybody outside of Marvel’s core team. But that may have changed ever so slightly thanks to an interview with Theron, who now holds a place as one of the MCU’s newest A-list stars.

Clea Star Teases New Doctor Strange Movie?

Doctor Strange 3

Speaking on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness' Clea actress Charlize Theron teaed her upcoming MCU return.

Kimmel and Theron had a funny exchange over her being in the movie, which Theron didn't comment on too specifically for the first couple of questions outside of saying "I don't know" and shrugging. However, she did admit that she hopes it isn't a waste of her time as an actor:

Kimmel: “You were also in the Doctor Strange movie, you had a little moment there.

Theron: “Well, I don’t know. Not yet. Yeah.”

Kimmel: “… You know, I love those Marvel Comics and I love that stuff and then when you see… a big star suddenly playing a character you weren’t expecting to see, it makes you wonder… like, that can’t be it, right? Can you say if that is it?”

Theron: (shrugs)

Kimmel: “No. Okay. But it can’t be it. I mean… that would be a waste of your time if it’s it.”

Theron: “I hope it’s not it. But, we’ll see, yes.”

She also jokingly shared her hopes that Marvel doesn't "change their mind" about her starring in the role after seeing the interview with her discussing her work on the film:

Kimmel: “You do know or you don’t know if it’s it?”

Theron: “I think I know. I mean, unless… I’m sure they can change their mind depending on what I say on this show.”

When asked what she knows about her role in the movie, she only confirmed that she plays Clea, but she also teased more for her, saying that she doesn't quite know who her sorceress is yet but that she will know soon, teasing that she "[has] some work to do:"

Kimmel: “I see. Okay. Yeah and then you wouldn’t be allowed into Disneyland on Halloween. It’d be a whole mess, yeah… What do you know about your character? What can you tell us about the character, Clea?”

Theron: “I play Clea and um…”

Kimmel: “And that’s it.”

Theron: “Let’s just say I have some work to do… I don’t quite know who she is yet, but I will.”

When Will Doctor Strange 3 Come to the MCU?

Although Doctor Strange 2 became one of the most pivotal movies in the story of the Multiverse Saga, no reports or rumors have teased if or when Doctor Strange 3 will be made.

There are still a few open slots for movies in Phase 6 that haven't been announced yet, leaving a couple of potential options for Benedict Cumberbatch and Charlize Theron to meet again in a solo movie. It's also more than likely that they'll be involved in one or both of the next two Avengers movies with the Multiverse falling into chaos and Earth's Mightiest Heroes in need of a couple of master magicians.

Theron has shared her excitement about playing Clea since her scene first became public, and she would be the most likely character to appear alongside Strange in a potential third movie. When that movie comes to fruition is anybody's guess, although Theron appears pretty certain that Marvel has plans for the niece of Dormammu sooner rather than later.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is now streaming on Disney+.

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