Doctor Strange 2: Elizabeth Olsen Still In 'Trauma Mode' For Scarlet Witch Performances

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Recently fans have seen quite a lot of Elizabeth Olsen's Wanda Maximoff. First, there was Avengers: Infinity War, where audiences got to see Wanda do her absolute best in trying to save the love of her life—only to have to watch him die twice in front of her very eyes. Then there was Avengers: Endgame, a film in which she is mostly absent. This didn't keep her from leaving a memorable mark in nearly killing Thanos the Mad Titan all by herself.

Of course, that was all followed by Marvel's first Disney+ outing with WandaVision. Wanda's very grief and trauma from Vision's death becomes embodied within perfect family life in the town of Westview, New Jersey. Obviously, all of that goes sideways, and Wanda's delusions come crashing down all the while becoming aware of the true power that lies within herself at the same time. 

Fans aren't the only ones spending plenty of time with the newly appointed Scarlet Witch. By the time her next adventure in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness rolls around, Elizabeth Olsen will have played the character for almost two years straight. What is an experience such as that like? Thankfully, Olsen is on hand to tell us...


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At the MTV Movie & TV Awards, Elizabeth Olsen was asked if her character Wanda Maximoff was still in 'trauma mode' following the events of WandaVision. Olsen was more than happy to clarify that she is the one "in trauma mode".

"Well I'm in trauma mode, cause I've been playing this character for two freaking years people."

After having a good laugh about it, Olsen elaborates, saying that "It's a good transition" into her next adventure.

"It's a good transition into Doctor Strange 2. It's a..It's a...It's leads into the other."

The full tweet with the video clip of the aforementioned interview can be seen below.



It is strange to think that Olsen has been playing Wanda non-stop for so long. That's not to mention all the work she did for the two most recent Avengers films, in which there certainly wasn't much of a break to be had during or after those finished either. Especially given the mindset that Wanda is in, it certainly must take a toll on Olsen in some regards.

Thankfully, she must love the role, as she seems to still be very happy and content bringing Wanda Maximoff to life. It shows too, especially since she won the award for Best Performance in a Show for her work on WandaVision at the MTV Movie & TV Awards Show. Good thing people loved her performance, as fans can look forward to much more to come. 

With how WandaVision ended, it's not all too clear how those events will lead directly into Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. At the very least, Wanda will be far more powerful than fans have ever seen her—in fact, she is likely to be on the hunt for more knowledge to expand said powers. This will especially be the case if those voices fans heard are truly Wanda's kids in need of saving

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