Disney World Is Closing One of Magic Kingdom's Most Popular Rides Later This Year

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Later this year, Disney World is reportedly closing a major Magic Kingdom ride, and likely for more than one reason.

Since January 2023, Imagineering has been focused on the Magic Kingdom's Frontierland with plans to open Tiana's Bayou Adventure and the reimagined Country Bears Musical Jamboree this summer. 

However, Disney's latest "Beyond Big Thunder" park expansion and news of a ride closure suggest construction crews won't be pulling out of Frontierland anytime soon. 

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Disney World Closing Big Thunder Mountain Railroad?

Disney World's Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

According to WDWMagic.com, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom is expected to close as early as September 2024 for a notably lengthy refurbishment. 

While temporary closures for maintenance and upkeep are nothing unusual, this one is different. 

If reports are correct, the coaster will be closed for more than a year, making it the longest refurbishment in the runaway mine train's 44-year history. 

Sources claim the closure is for substantial work on the aging coaster's ride system; and with Tiana's Bayou Adventure about to take center stage at the Magic Kingdom, the timing is perfect for a much-needed redo.

Also, since the two rides are Frontierland neighbors, swapping closures shouldn't make for too dramatic of an adjustment for park operations.

But while the timing is logical, it's also raised a few eyebrows since Disney recently confirmed intentions to move forward with its "Beyond Big Thunder" expansion which includes a rumored Disney Villains land

The question now is whether closing Big Thunder Mountain Railroad may have something to do with these future park plans and if the popular ride will be altered as a result. 

When To Expect More Magic Kingdom News

Disney World's Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Since opening in 1980, the Magic Kingdom's Big Thunder Mountain Railroad has been a headliner attraction, offering the right balance of thrill for both kids and adults, as well as layers of detail and storytelling. 

Shuttering the ride for a year will no doubt be disappointing to fans, even though its for the betterment of the attraction and potential new things to come.

However, it also means a longer wait until the Magic Kingdom can offer the park's full operating capacity in terms of rides. 

Since Tron Lightcycle Run opened after Splash Mountain closed in 2023, it will be another year until Tron, Tiana's Bayou Adventure, Country Bear Musical Jamboree, and the updated Big Thunder Mountain will all be open simultaneously.

As for what Disney has in store for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and possibly beyond its borders, news is expected to be revealed at D23 in August. 

The official closing date for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad should be announced in the coming weeks. 

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