Disney Channel's Latest Marvel Show Will Be 'Complementary to the MCU'

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The Disney Channel will soon have another Marvel show of its very own. Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, based on the comic of the same name, is a kid-friendly animated series being developed by Marvel and Disney Television Animation. The show centers around a young girl named Luna Lafayette who uses her advanced intellect to bring the giant, red, T-Rex-like Devil Dinosaur to modern-day New York.

The series boasts an all-star cast of guest stars that were announced at San Diego Comic-Con. Names like Alison Brie, Luiz Guzman, and Paul Scheer will all lend their voices to various episodes of Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur's first season.

Now, given this project's nature as being made for the Disney Channel without the involvement of Marvel Studios, one would imagine that it has no real connection to the MCU, but a specifically-worded tweet from an official account indicates otherwise.

Moon Girl Series 'Complementary' to the MCU

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur poster

According to a live-tweeting of the 2022 San Diego Comic-Con panel for Disney Channel and Marvel's upcoming animated program, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, it was stated during said panel that the show is "complementary to the MCU." and that viewers "may be able to spot some Easter eggs in the series."

A first look at the series was also shown, which can be viewed below:

What MCU Connections Could Be Present?

So, it's probably extremely safe to say that even though Moon Girl will be "complementaryto the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it definitely isn't set in it. The MCU's Earth-616 has, so far, been a strictly live-action affair, with each and every installment produced and overseen by studio president Kevin Feige.

That's not to say that this series can't have some fun little connective elements to the MCU and it could even be explained that it takes place as part of the wider MCU Multiverse. Marvel Studios is in the middle of a Multiverse-focused arc, after all.

What's more, is that Moon Girl has several actors who also play parts in the MCU. Cobie Smulders, who has made several appearances as Maria Hill, is confirmed to voice a different Maria Hill in the series, indicating that this show could already be playing around with some Multiversal tropes.

Additionally, Laurence Fishburne and May Calamawy, who have both portrayed MCU characters in the past, are also set for guest spots in Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur. Another notable, Marvel-affiliated member of the guest cast is Wesley Snipes who famously starred as Blade in a trilogy of non-MCU films produced by New Line Cinema. 

And it's always possible that Marvel Studios will one day elect to put this unique pair of characters into the MCU proper and give them a live-action Disney+ series or a part in another character's film, if not a movie of their own.

Marvel's Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur doesn't yet have an announced release date, but it's expected to premiere on The Disney Channel sometime in 2023.

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