Here's Why Sanemi Hates Genya In Demon Slayer

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Demon Slayer Sanemi and Genya

For confused fans, here's the dark truth behind why Sanemi hates Genya in Demon Slayer.

Sanemi Shinazugawa is a major supporting character in Demon Slayer and serves as the current Wind Hashira of the Demon Slayer Corps. 

He is the older brother of Genya Shinazugawa, who also became a Demon Slayer, and together with his partner Masachika Kumeno, Sanemi defeated the former Lower Rank One, Ubume.

However, beyond the brothers' unique abilities leading to entertaining action sequences, there's a grim reason for the animosity held between them.

Why Does Sanemi Hate Genya In Demon Slayer?

Sanemi and Genya in Demon Slayer
Demon Slayer

In Demon Slayer, Sanemi's animosity towards his younger brother Genya stems from a traumatic demon attack on their family that left them as the only survivors. 

Their relationship deteriorated after Genya branded Sanemi a "murderer" for killing their demon-turned-mother.

The aftermath of this all-too-familiar tragedy saw Genya insulting and verbally hurting Sanemi, which led to Sanemi becoming cold and distant towards him.

Sanemi's transformation into a strong and dedicated demon slayer was driven by his desire to prevent others from experiencing the same pain he endured.

However, when Genya decided to join the Demon Slayer Corps, Sanemi felt as if his sacrifices were in vain. He had hoped to secure a normal, happy life for Genya, free from the horrors of their past. 

Does Sanemi Truly HATE Genya?

Despite Sanemi's outward hate towards Genya, there are glimpses of a deeper bond driven by profound love and protective instincts. 

Sanemi's harsh treatment may be a way to shield Genya from experiencing the same pain and loss they endured. His selfless acts, such as placing himself in harm's way for Genya's safety, suggest underlying love. 

As the series progresses, the brothers will confront their shared traumatic past and the responsibility of avenging their family, leading to a better understanding and potential reconciliation. 

Sanemi's actions, although harsh, stem from a love and a desire to prepare Genya for the harsh realities of being a Demon Slayer.

Demon Slayer Season 4 is now streaming on Crunchyroll.

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