Deadpool 3 Update Casts Doubt on Release Date Plan (Report)

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The Ryan Reynolds-led Deadpool 3’s release date is shaky, at best, due to the Hollywood strikes.

The writers’ strike is as good as over! The WGA and the AMPTP were able to come to a deal that was amenable to both sides of the negotiating table. All that’s left to do is ratify the new contract.

But the impact created by the nearly five-month-long work stoppage can still be felt. The Actors Guild (SAG-AFTRA) must also reach an agreement with the studios before Hollywood’s actors return to work, which leaves a great many film and TV projects in a state of limbo.

Deadpool 3’s Release Date In Flux


According to Deadline, Marvel’s hotly-anticipated Deadpool 3 isn't very likely to hit its scheduled release date of May 3, 2024. 

The main cause for this uncertainty: SAG-AFTRA is still on strike despite the situation with the Writers Guild now essentially resolved. And Deadpool 3 still has some of its footage left to shoot, with the movie reportedly being roughly seven weeks into principal photography and halfway shot, according to director Shawn Levy.

One source even remarked to Deadline that the 2024 film release calendar is “not real,” meaning that many cinematic offerings due out next year will likely get bumped from their release slots.

The Merc With a Mouth in May?

Will Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman return in time to grace the silver screen as Wade Wilson and Wolverine for Deadpool 3’s currently-slated theatrical debut?

Previously, the film was not present in a breakdown of Disney’s upcoming schedule. However, that list was labeled as non-exhaustive, so there’s a chance that the studio is still planning on May 3 for the character’s next big screen adventure.

Still, with much of the movie still needing to be shot and an intensive post-production process scheduled for the many visual effects shots, there’s a strong possibility that Deadpool 3 isn't finished in time for May gets delayed to later in 2024.

That said, the cast and crew appear raring to go and are likely to do so as soon as they’re able.

As it currently stands, Deadpool 3 hits theaters on May 3, 2024.

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