New Deadpool 3 Video Reveals Uncensored Version of MCU Announcement

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Deadpool, Wolverine

Ever since Marvel Studios got control of the former Fox properties, fans have wondered what Deadpool 3 was going to look like. Little did they know it would end up starring both Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman. Yes, that’s right—Wolverine is back, one more time.

Fans have continued to be vocally ecstatic about the whole situation—something that’s dulled the pain of the recent Blade news.

But what exactly is the third Deadpool going to be about? How will everything play out?

The biggest question is undoubtedly about its standing within the MCU. There's a chance that this movie could take place on Earth-616, but it's equally likely that it may end up being Wade Wilson’s last adventure in his home universe

At the very least, the actors confirmed one thing: they won’t be touching to continuity of Logan, a fan-favorite film that ended with Jackman’s character dead. This is a whole separate tale.

Now, thanks to some lip-reading skills, fans have uncovered more information on what to expect—or at least some fun quip-y dialogue from the dynamic duo.

Reading Deadpool's Lips

Deadpool, Wolverine

Right off the tail of the most recent Deadpool 3 update, a fan has come in to help read the lips of Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman, as their latest shenanigans had them vocally teasing what the upcoming film would include. The catch? Well, music was playing over their exclamations, so nothing was revealed.

However, thanks to the magic of Youtube user Jomboy Media and his lip-syncing abilities, fans might be able to actually see what they say.

Before the song starts to play over the two actors joking around, Reynolds declared, "what happens in out film is... these two fucking guys..."—and then they become impossible to understand.

Reynolds continued his sentence, saying, "get out there... and he's like grrrrr," in which Hugh Jackman, at the same time, affirms Reynolds by saying "yes," and then exclaims how he "pulls the fucking thing."

The Deadpool actor continued, saying, "and I'm just like grrrr... and then I," while Jackman goes all in, declaring, "and I just fucking catch him... and I'm chasing him all over the place."

Reynolds carries on with his tale, exclaiming, "and we're going through all these different places," to which Jackman responds, "and we're gonna have this massive massive huge huge fucking explosion, and woomf."

Without missing a beat, Reynolds bounced off of his co-star's exciting words, saying, "yeahhh, and I've got the swords that shmm."

The dialogue then cuts off as the two make a bunch of explosion and action sound effects, with Jackman pulling out his imaginary claws and sticking them through Deadpool's skull.

Reynolds isn't down and out, however, as he pops back into the frame, making it clear that "I'm fine, and I'm totally laughing about it."

To clear things up, Jackman explained, "and I'm alive too, but you really have to see this because we're in our prime. It's true, the prime."

Agreeing with him, Reynolds finishes up with, "and what a way to make it up to you."

Jackman, potentially in full honestly, goes on to say, "I'm so excited about this you guys are gonna fucking love it."

Deadpool agreed as he started to clap his hands, declaring that "it's going to be the best."

The two conclude the video, both thanking Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige for his work and allowing them the opportunity to team up.

The entire video from Jomboy Media can be watched below:

Can This Dynamic Duo Be Here Already?

Obviously, all of what the two were saying was pure nonsense—none of it had anything to do with actual events in the movie; probably. The dynamic duo was just having fun while also simultaneously proving why they'll be so great on screen together.

As exciting as all of this new Deadpool 3 information is, the painful part is that fans have to wait another two years to actually see it all come to life.

Having Wolverine and Deadpool properly interacting on screen is something Ryan Reynolds and fans across the world have wanted for a long time. Thanks to the magic of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it's actually going to happen.

But who else might join them in this next outing? Might other X-Men join along? Perhaps Colussus? Maybe Deadpool will be able to witness a fastball special.

Deadpool 3 hits theaters on September 6, 2024.

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