DC: Hourman Superhero Movie Reportedly In Development at Warner Bros.

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Hourman DC Superhero

After the dismal showing of Justice League in theaters back in 2017, DC had to regroup and find ways to provide a fresh start once again for the franchise. As a result, the next wave of films under the DCEU banner, such as Aquaman and Birds of Prey, embraced the standalone nature, and this trend continued with Joaquin Phoenix's Joker all the way to the looming arrival of Zack Snyder's Justice League.

Based on this wave of films under the DC banner, many pointed out that there could be a massive shift in terms of the plans of rolling projects out. It was at DC FanDome where Warner Bros. confirmed that the franchise is embracing the multiverse concept, and this presented a lot of opportunities to showcase different characters and storylines moving forward

As a result, this means that certain characters will be given the chance to shine. Now, a new report has emerged, teasing the arrival of another DC hero to the big screen. 


Deadline shared in a report that Warner Bros. and DC are developing a film about Hourman, with Chernin Entertainment serving as producers. The upcoming live-action adaptation will be written by Gavin Games and Neil Widener. 

The outlet also revealed that this will mark the first time that Chernin has developed a property under the DC banner. 

Given that Hourman is portrayed by both Rex and Rick Tyler, Deadline pointed out that it's unknown which character will be featured in the film as the main protagonist. 


Hourman joins the list of DC characters that have a TV counterpart such as Superman, Flash, and Supergirl. For context, the Arrowverse already featured two versions of Hourman from Legends of Tomorrow and the much-talked-about Stargirl series.

Both shows showcased Rex Tyler and his son, Rick, on two different occasions, and this could hint that the upcoming film will do the same thing. In a way, this is a good thing so that the franchise can fully embrace the multiverse concept. 

On the surface, a film revolving around Hourman could raise eyebrows for some fans, but by digging deep, it makes sense for the character to show up in the DCEU. The upcoming Black Adam movie has been confirmed to feature the Justice Society of America in a prominent role, and it could potentially set up the hero's solo adventure since Hourman is a member of the superhero team. 

On the flip side, placing Hourman on an alternate Earth in the vast DC multiverse presents different story possibilities, and one of them could even involve launching a brand new Justice Society of America that could rival the main Justice League. 

Whatever the case, it's evident that the looming arrival of Hourman offers an exciting new chapter for the DCEU, and it will be interesting to find out what's in store for the character down the line. 

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